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Title Date
Touring the ghost town May 24, 1974
The town that copper built March 1967
The new spooks of Jerome April 19, 1959
The making of a great mine July 1906
The Jerome Hilton May 1972
The Jerome deportation of 1917 Autumn 1969
The graveyard November 8, 1974
The ghost city that lives June 1961
People who live in a ghost town should never leave their doors unlocked November 15, 1970
Jerome: the wickedest city in America August 27, 1976
Jerome's Little Daisy March 8, 1964
Jerome: the ghost that won't give up April 1973
Jerome: Reflections September 1975
Jerome, Arizona, lively ghost city reborn Winter 1967
Jerome, Arizona, lively ghost city reborn Winter 1967
Jerome, Arizona, lively ghost city reborn Winter 1967
Jerome, a mile high with a fifty mile view June 1937
Jerome, Arizona March 1969
Jerome a ghost - and proud of it! July 1953
Jerome - ghost town of tomorrow March 1947
Jerome - does it really have ghosts? October 30 1966
Jerome - American's only ghost city: mine museum recalls days of greater glory August 1955
Jerome August 23, 1974
Jerome October 21, 1899
His is a ghostly job December 9, 1956
Ghost towns die hard; Ghost of the past haunt the streets of Jerome but in the air is still an atmosphere of hope that something new will happen August 1953
Ghost houses with a million-dollar view November 4, 1962
Ghost city on Mingus mountain April 1956
Frustrated ghosts combat education April 21, 1963
Copper built it
Copper camp days and ways September 17, 1967
Colorful mining towns of the old West November 1975
Boutiques in Jerome's old elementary schoolhouse November 7, 1975
A town, a slogan, a museum: the state display at Jerome March 27, 1966
69 years in Jerome on the hill still January 14, 1968