The University of Arizona
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Title Date
A glass of water October 1964
Arizona cities face though problems in water and sewage works planning June 1955
Arizona needs water - and Senator Hayden October 28, 1962
Arizona Water Resource Committee, annual report May 1958
Arizona water resource management problems created by the Central Arizona Project 1972
Arizona water witch May 3, 1959
Arizona watershed research program - its purpose December 1959-January 1960
Arizona's good earth supplies expensive water May 17, 1959
Arizona's water choices June-July 1966
Arizonora; a proposal to provide water and energy for the Southwest and Northern Mexico May 6, 1973
Catchments catch on July 1962
Comment October 1951
Curbing stock pond seepage April 1974
Days of cheap water over, says geologist August 1976
Early failure to solve the water shortage October 1956
How water brings the desert to life Spring 1974
Indian and Spanish water-control on New Spain's norhtwest frontier January 1968
More water for Arizona? December 1975
Needed: a positive agri-image June 1976
New water conservation research laboratory for the arid Southwest March 1960
Our water supply May 1917
Storage dam and flood water utilization April 1917
The Arizona water controversy: an economist's view March 1970
The economics of Arizona's water problem March 1967
The gamble they call farming April 1976
The year the rains came to the land of little rain September 1966
This bill sucks May 17-23, 1989
Tin roof or solid mat? September 1951
Variablility factors in mountian-watershed hydrometeorology in an arid region July 1960
Warning: drinking water may be hazardous to your health February 1976
Water - no life without it April 28, 1963
Water developments for the improvement of livestock distribution in Southern Arizona January 8, 1965
Water in central Arizona: problems and perspectives December 1971
Water supply and desert land appraisals April 1961
Water, lifeblood to a thristy lands February 11, 1962
Water: that vital word November 11, 1962