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Title Date
A fight with the Yaquis at Bear Valley, 1918 Fall 1963
A narrow escape February 9, 1975
A new church for the Yaqui Indians July 26, 1959
Among the Yaqui Indians in Sonora July 1899
Barrio Pascua, the Yaqui Indian capitol April 1931
Dances of the Yaqui Indians at Easter time March 1928
He painted the Yaquis April 1939
Holy Saturday: a Yaqui ceremony in Pascua Village June 1960
Holy week with the Yaquis March 1932
In the land of the warring Yaqui May 1909
Innocence or guilt? Mexico's arrest of the Yaquis, 1899-1909 October 1975
Lo, the wild Yaqui October 1927
Masqued passion play of the Yaquis April 1939
Pascua - the incredible November 1946
Pasqua's Yaqui Indians observe Holy Week April 10 1960
Passion week at Pascua March 1932
The military orientation in Yaqui culture
The Witch of Nogales January 6, 1974
The Yaqui Easter ceremony at Hermosillo October 1957
The Yaqui Easter play at Guadalupe, Arizona November 1946
The Yaqui Easter play at Guadalupe, Arizona January 1947
The Yaqui Easter play at Guadalupe, Arizona March 1947
The Yaqui Indian dances May 1926
The Yaqui Indians - their past and their present August 1930
The Yaqui Indians of Arizona March 1940
The Yaqui today: a people in transition April 1977
The Yaquis in exile September 1909
Theatre in the desert: the Yaqui Easter September 1973
Tucson's Pascua Village, a community in two worlds May 3, 1959
Yaqui Easter April 1960
Yaqui Easter ceremonial March 1971
Yaqui Easter ceremony April 1952
Yaqui Indian dances March 1936
Yaqui Indian dances March 1938
Yaqui villages past and present November 1947
Yaquis of Mexico and their folk literature March 1943