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Xavier correspondencia con el ayudante inspector don Roque de Medina comisionado en Coaguila. Ano de 1774. 08-31-1773
Ximenez Correspondence with virrey concerning efforts against rebel activity in Texas. 02-24-1816
Ximenez Correspondence to viceroy Venadito from 1820, mostly concerning military retirements. 12-31-1819
Ximenes Correspondence to viceroy Venadito from 1820, mostly concerning military retirements. 12-31-1819
Ximenez Correspondence to viceroy Bucareli from Hijosa, comisario de San Blas, on administrative and naval matters for March - April, 1777. 02-19-1776
Ximenez Correspondence to viceroy about maritime transportation of troops and Jesuits. 04-20-1768
Ximenes Correspondence to viceroy 03-18-1701
Xaquez Correspondence relating to amount owed to Tadeo de Rivera's estate by Menocal, discovered during review of fiscal affairs of compania... 11-16-1782
Xijon Correspondence related to Cuellar's new expedition against Indians. 02-23-1769
Xavierillo Correspondence re: relations with Apaches and various naciones del norte. 12-09-1777
Ximenez Correspondence re: military salaries, finances and supplies including cuenta from compania Volante de Nuebo Santander. 06-30-1777
Ximeno Correspondence re: granting of salary for criados employed on various expeditions. 07-23-1789
Ximenez Correspondence re: financial accounts for exploration of California coast 1789-1792. 01-01-1789
Xavier de Uranga Correspondence re: expenses for maintenance of Apaches de paz. 07-09-1790
Xavierillo Correspondence re: Apache relations. 10-05-1796
Xala Correspondence of Vidal de Lorca, 1774. 09-23-1773
Xavier Correspondence of Urrea, Bucareli and others concerning administrative/military problems at altar 01-01-1769
Ximenez Correspondence of Hijosa to viceroy Bucareli for January - February 1777. 00-00-1775
Ximenez de Arenal Correspondence of comandante general Neve for 1784. 02-28-1781
Ximenez Correspondence from viceroy to various military officers about expedition to Sonora. 04-01-1767
Xaviera Correspondence concerning tlaxcaltecan Jose Carlos Rubalcaba who intended to crown himself king of Nueva Vizcaya. 04-27-1771
Ximenez Correspondence concerning financing of war against Indians and rebels in northern provinces. 04-15-1815
Ximenez Correspondence concerning finances of widow of brigadier. 05-15-1793
Xavier Mata Correspondence concerning establishment of mission and pueblo among the pame Indians of Xichu. 04-24-1800
Ximenes Correspondence concerning charges of adultery against Jose Maria Monterde 11-24-1794
Ximenez Correspondence between viceroy and de Anza concerning de Anza second expedition to California. 01-02-1775
Ximenez Correspondence between viceroy and comandante general de Provincias Internas. 01-10-1790
Ximenez de Arenal Correspondence between various officials concerning status of royal treasuries 12-15-1787
Xaquez Correspondence between various officials concerning commerce with Indians in Nuevo Mexico. 05-08-1753
Xaquez Correspondence between Ugarte y Loyola and virrey Florez re: peace with mescalero. 09-39-1787
Xavierillo Correspondence between Ugalde, Croix, Galvez, and other government officials concerning destitution of Ugalde. 00-00-1578
Ximenez Correspondence between Salcedo, Venegas, and Gutierrez regarding various political and personal matters relating to border dispute with... 12-13-1810
Ximenez Correspondence between Salcedo and Zambrano concerning capture of insurgents. 03-19-1810
Xaques Correspondence between Plo, viceroy, and Soto concerning Indian raids in Cerro Gordo and San Juan in July. 07-27-1790
Ximenez Correspondence between Lopez and Elguezabal concerning campaign against lipanes. 03-10-1816
Ximenez Correspondence between governor and virrey on various administrative issues. 1774 02-25-1774
Ximenez Correspondence between Elizondo and viceroy regarding state of readiness of troops for Sonora expedition. 08-21-1768
Ximenez Correspondence between Elizondo and viceroy regarding expedition to Sonora. 04-08-1767
Ximenez Correspondence between Elizondo and viceroy regarding expedition to Sonora. 04-08-1767
Ximenez Correspondence between Arredondo, Lopez, and Adam concerning Indian hostilities in Coahuila. 02-17-1816
Ximenez del Arenal Correspondence between Allande, Ugarte, viceroy, and other government officials concerning endowment of Allande's wife. 08-06-1776
Ximenes copia de declaraciones recibidas sobre lo ocurrido el 14 de octubre con el ayuntamiento por haberse presentado a las nueve de la manana a s... 08-31-1814
Ximenez Continuation of preceeding folios in which fathers of various missions defend themselves against allegations of poor mission administration... 02-10-1767
Ximenes Continuation of issue addressed in preceeding folios: allegations of mistreatment of pisones at mission Ygollo, related issues. 00-00-1753
Ximenez Consultation by Ruiz with virrey on various civil and naval matters. 02-20-1778
Ximenez Concerns management of military unit from Spain. 02-21-1792
Ximenes Concerns establishment and general conditions of Burgos. 07-07-1750
Ximenez Canas Concerns dealing with Indians after reconquest of Nayarit. 01-02-1724
Ximenes Concerns construction of church at Ygollo mission, secularization and inventory of 'temporalidades' at others. 03-00-1768
Xavier El Chico Concerning rations, accounts for Bacoachi Apaches. 04-15-1791