Correspondence from Mariscal de Campo, Palacio, concerning taxes, missions, compania Volante in Nuevo Santander.

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Correspondence from Mariscal de Campo, Palacio, concerning taxes, missions, compania Volante in Nuevo Santander.
Palacio, Juan Fernando de (Mariscal de Campo)
Nuevo Santander. January 2, 1768-June 18, 1768. 120p (Approx). Letters. Relacion. Copies. Originals. Signed. Unsigned.
Correspondence from Mariscal de Campo to Croix concerning 'visitas' to various towns and business attended to therein, such as collection of taxes; several brief letters stating that visita had gone well, no details included; others concerning how Mariscal dealt with murder of Indian; regarding treatment of Indians at certain missions, importance of spiritual training, conversion to and marriage of Indians according to Christian faith, 'repartimiento' of clothing among Indians; concerning Mariscal's organization of compania volante and associated squadrons, appeals for financing from real hacienda, nomination of suitable officers, relacion indicating structure, salaries, 'destinos' of compania once officially formed; regarding visitas to all squadrons of province, requests for adjustments to captains' salaries; discussing problems incurred in navigating certain rivers due to winds, tidal shifts, effects on local economy, Mariscal incorporates information on issue collected from 'peritos'; concerning granting of permission to foreign vessels to dock at ports; regarding discovery of new passages in old mines, statement of ownership and description of deposits. (L. Kerr, October 1988)
Palacio, Juan Fernando de (Mariscal de Campo)
Mora, Francisco de (Coronel)
Ossorio, Joseph de
Ruvio, Joseph (Sargento Mayor)
Rodriguez, Antonio
Cruz, Juan Antonio de la (Indio)
Escandon, Joseph de
Arriaga, Julian de
Gallego, Raphael
Garza, Yldefonso de la (Teniente)
Serna, Joseph Antonio de la
Croix, Marques de (Virrey)
Puga, Antonio de
Burgos (Villa)
Santillana (Villa)
Santander (Villa)
Camargo (Mision)
Helguera (Mision)
Santander (Puerto)
Soto la Marina (Mision)
San Luis Potosi (Reales)
San Carlos (Villa)
Vera Cruz
San Nicolas (Mina)
Berzebu (Mina)
Libros de Oro (Mina)
Escandon (Villa)
Aguayo (Villa)
Santa Barbara (Villa)
Tamaulipa (Minas)
San Fernando (Mision)
Reynosa (Mision)
Llera (Villa)
Guemez (Villa)
Tamaulipa (Villa)
Padilla (Villa)
Military Groups
Guadalcazar, Compania de
Nuevo Santander, Nueva Compania Volante de Cavalleria Provincial del
Seno Mexicano, Compania Volante de Cavalleria del
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 114 ff. 379-439 (Approx) exp. 3
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 114 ff. 379-439 (Appro
Pages of several letters not in order, some documents repeated to correct order, appears as expediente 1 in indice del ramo.
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