Concerns Manuel Hernandez's and Juan Gras' requests for the status of invalid and many soldiers' monetary awards for years of service.

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Concerns Manuel Hernandez's and Juan Gras' requests for the status of invalid and many soldiers' monetary awards for years of service.
Bonavia, Bernardo
Hernandez, Manuel
Velasco, Francisco
and others
Durango/san Pablo. June 18, 1817 - July 13, 1820. 82p. Letters, informes. Originals, signed, copies.
Manuel Hernandez and Juan Gras asked for and received invalid status. Other documents concern several soldiers who were considered for monetary awards. Included for all are service records and biographical information. Some are copies and contain notations indicating the locations of the originals at that time. (S. Langmack July 1990)
Hernandez, Manuel
Bonavia, Bernardo
Velasco, Francisco
Teran, Manuel Manuel (Sargento)
Acosta, Pedro
Acosta, Guadalupe
Dominguez, Miguel
Guerra, Jose
Guerra, Juana Maria
Renteria, Antonio
Espinoza, Mariano
Garcia, Maria Rosa
Ramires, Jose
Blanco, Jose
Blanco, Maria Rita
Rodriguez, Julian
Quinones, Eucebio
Quinones, Maria
Arzare, Jose
Ruiz de Larramendi, Pedro
Hernandez, Jose Ygnacio
Tafolla, Lazaro
Tafolla, Maria Dolores
Olivares, Jose Elzeario
Velarde, Ramon
Velarde, Francisca
Algaton Gutierrez, Vizente Damian
Gutierrez, Modesto (Sargento)
Rios, Dolores
Rey, Ysidro
Carrillo, Jose
Uria, Anastacio
Uria, Juana Manuela
Aranda, Miguel
Chaves, Nieves
Chaves, Maria
Anaya, Pedro
Lorano, Antonio
Lorano, Antonia
Luna, Marcelo
Hernandes, Ygnacio
Hernandes, Maria del Carmen
Cerecere, Alezandro (Sargento)
Robela, Jose Antonio
Robela, Francisca Xabiera
Duran, Felipe
Duran, Gertrudio
Angurene, Jose
Morales, Juan
Morales, Anastacia
Urias, Mateo
Urias, Jose Maria (Alferez)
Albares, Guadalupe
Quiros, Jose Manuel
Muela, Juan
Muela, Antonio
Gonsales, Josefa
Nunes, Ramon
Uribes, Teresa
Uribes, Juan
Diaz de Rivera, Pedro
Escageda, Alexandro (Teniente)
Gras, Juan
Arze, Jose Antonio de
San Elzeario
Norte (Presidio)
Norte (Presidio)
San Pablo (Pueblo)
Chihuahua (Villa)
Basuchil (Valle)
San Geronimo (Presidio)
Paso de Norte (Pueblo)
Guajoquilla (Puerta)
Principe (Presidio)
Tul Imes (Pueblo)
Nueva Viscaya (Provincia)
San Buenaventura (Presidio)
Occidente (Provincia)
Military Groups
San Elzeario, Tropa de la Compania Presidial de
Norte, Tropa de la Companias Presidial de
San Buenaventura, Compania Presidial de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 253 ff. 278-318
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 253 ff. 278-318
Ff. 303 is repeated.
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