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Castro for Governor Campaign Stationery Envelope 1970
Castro Gubernatorial Campaign Button unknown
Certificate of Election for Pima County Superior Court Judge 1958
Clint Eastwood and Raul Castro at "Gauntlet" Film Reception; Phoenix, Arizona 1977
Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke with Patricia Castro at "Gauntlet" Filming; Phoenix, Arizona 1977
Closeup of Raul H.Castro Park Plaque unknown
Diplomatic Calling Cards unknown
El Milagro Pony Farm; Tucson, Arizona unknown
Exterior Entrance of U.S. Embassy Building; Buenos Aires, Argentina unknown
Girl Displaying Castro for Governor Campaign Sign unknown
Governor Castro on Horseback unknown
Governor Castro with CB Radio in front of Arizona State Capitol unknown
Governor Castro with CB Radio in Governor's Limousine unknown
Governor Castro with Jimmy Carter 1976
Governor Castro's Temporary CB Radio Permit 1976
Governor Janet Napolitano's Proclamation in Celebration of Raul Castro's 89th Birthday 2005
Judge Castro unknown
Judge Castro at Daughters of American Revolution Reception unknown
Letter from Ginger Rogers to Ambassador Castro 1980
Patricia Castro Hosting a Tea Party at U.S. Embassy in El Salvador unknown
Patricia Castro Hosting Cocktail Reception at U.S. Embassy; San Salvador, El Salvador unknown
Patricia Castro with Shetland Pony unknown
Patricia Steiner on Horseback unknown
President Johnson in El Salvador 1968
President Johnson's Visit to El Salvador 1968
Raul and Patricia Castro on Horseback unknown
Raul and Patricia Castro on Wedding Day unknown
Raul and Patricia Castro with Clipper (Hackney pony) 1973
Raul Castro at Fyfe Symington Inaugural unknown
Raul Castro in Boxing Pose unknown