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A statement of the plans and purposes of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association, and explanations of its Articles of... 1903
The National Irrigation Act and amended Articles of incorporation of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Asociation 1903
Teachers' course of study, Graham County, Arizona 1903
An Act to Amend Title 42 Livestock. Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1901 1903
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1902
The new Arizona: a brief review of its resources, development, industries, soil, climate and especially its advantages for homemaking 1902
Suggestions for plan to secure government aid for construction of Tonto Reservoir 1902
Brief of Salt River Valley Water Users' Association 1902
Report of Arizona rangers. Arrests made from October 2, 1901 to December 31, 1902 1902
San Carlos Dam appropriation: speech of Hon. J.F. Wilson of Arizona, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, February 26, 1901 1901
The open range and the irrigation farmer. 1901
Water supply and irrigation on the Verde river and tributaries, Arizona. 1901
Some papers on the subject of national aid in the storage of water for the irrigation of the arid West 1901
Arizona, with particular attention to its imperial county of Maricopa; a land of plenty under smiling skies 1901
A brief history of the cattle business in Apache County, Arizona 1901
Beet sugar in the Great Salt River Valley of Arizona 1900s
Safford Arizona Agricultural High School 1900s
Land management in relation to the health of the Navajos. 1900s
Navajos Owning Over 500 Head of Sheep 1900s
Short and simple instructions in pheasant culture 1900s
A few facts on irrigation by pumping as practiced on Hartt's Santa Cruz Valley ranch, Pima County, Arizona 1900s
Help the valley beautiful movement by planting pecan trees. 1900s
The Facts about the pecan industry in a nut shell 1900s
Farming in Pima County 1900s
Tucson, Arizona's metropolis. 1900s