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The greater Southwest; the economic, social, and cultural development of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico,... 1934
The Grange: its origin, progress, and educational purposes 1884
The Government Irrigation Project at Roosevelt Dam, Salt River, Arizona 1907
The Gila River Valley of Arizona ca. 1920
The Geology and ore deposits of the Johnson mining district, Arizona 1927
The geography and resources of Arizona and Sonora: 1863
The general property tax structure and irrigated agriculture in Pinal County 1941
The Garden of America: The Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona. 1885
The Garden of Allah: Southern Arizona California 1934, 1936
The Franciscans in Arizona 1899
The Florence Valley of the Gila; the land of tomorrow 1924
The Farm Unit under the Yuma Project 1913
The Facts about the pecan industry in a nut shell 1900s
The excavation of Los Muertos and neighboring ruins in the Salt River valley, southern Arizona 1945
The ethnobiology of the Papago Indians 1935
The ethnobiology of the Chircahua and Mescarlero Apache 1936
The elimination of hard seeds in newly threshed medicago sativa (alfalfa). 1923
The Efficiency of Legume Inoculation of Arizona Soils 1922
The economic aspects of child labor in agriculture. 1924
The early utilization and the distribution of agave in the American southwest 1938
The early history of the Clifton-Morenci district 1935
The delta country of the Colorado 1929
The Crabbe filibustering expedition into Sonora, 1857 1926
The cotton of the Hopi Indians: a new species of Gossypium 1912
The controversy between Arizona and California over the Boulder Canyon Project Act 1931