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Rules and regulations 1943
Annual Report Hydrographic Department Salt River Valley Water Users' Association 1943
Guides to Condition of Arizona Chaparral Goat Ranges 1943
Forage improvement on sagebrush grass range will produce more meat for victory 1942
Report to Arizona State Tax Commission comparing appraised with assessed valuation of land, city and town lots, and improvements. 1942
War comes again to the range 1942
Pima and Papago Indian Agriculture 1942
Apache-Land 1942
Research report of the State Fair Commission, Phoenix, Arizona, Period July 1, 1941 to November 1, 1942 1942
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1942
Annual Report, Mesa Citrus Growers, Season 1941-42. 1942
Santa Fe dude ranch country: being principally in New Mexico and Arizona, with some natural extension into southern Colorado and California 1942
Research report of Commission of Agriculture and Horticulture, period July 1, 1941 to June 30, 1942. 1942
Research report of Livestock Sanitary Board, period July 1, 1941 to June 30, 1942 1942
Arizona. State Veterinarian. Summary of dourine work 1942
Observations on the survival of native and exotic plant species in range trial plantings in southern Arizona 1942
The relationship of range condition to ranch income in southern Arizona 1942
Phoenix, Arizona in the Valley of the Sun. 1942
A history of Yuma, Arizona, 1540-1920 1942
Boron in the irrigation waters and alkaline calcareous soils of Arizona with particular reference to its effects on plants. 1942
Annual Report Hydrographic Department Salt River Valley Water Users' Association 1942
Economic survey of Salt River Project, Arizona 1942
Food with an Arizona Accent 1942
A summary of state legislation affecting agriculture and rural land use in Arizona 1942
Prehistoric coal mining in the Jeddito valley, Arizona 1942