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Dawn of a new era in Arizona: complition and opening of the Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix 1894
Facts about Arizona, the land of sunshine, gold and silver, health and prosperity, the place for ideal homes in a temperance colony 1894
The Salt River Valley, Arizona. 1894
Prospectus of the Cocopah Fruit Company 1893
Among the Pimas 1893
Report of the resources of the land grant of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad in Mohave County, Arizona 1893
New Arizona and the Rio Verde canal 1893
Prehistoric Irrigation in Arizona 1893
Salt River Valley, South side: the fruit belt of Arizona 1892
Prospectus of the Arizona orange and improvement company, Salt River Valley 1892
Irrigated lands 1892
Maricopa county great register 1892
Guide to Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona. 1892
Resources of the Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona 1891
Irrigation canals and other irrigation works, including the flow of water in irrigation canals and open and closed channels generally, with... 1891
On the Border with Crook 1891
Report on the climate of Arizona, with particular reference to questions of irrigation and water storage in the arid region 1891
Irrigation for profit 1891
Arizona, its commercial, industrial, and transportation interests : 1891
Castle Dome Canal Company 1891
Constitution, by-laws and list of members of the Society of Arizona Pioneers. 1890
Arizona Canal and Improvement Company. 1890
Salt River Valley for Health 1890
Great register of Maricopa County 1890
Arizona as a health resort 1890