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The National Irrigation Act and Amended Articles of Incorporation of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association 1912
The National Irrigation Act and amended Articles of incorporation of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Asociation 1903
The Mission Cook Book 1909
The Microbiological Oxidation of Various Nitrogen Fertilizers in Desert Soils, with Special Reference to the Behavior of Anhydrous Ammonia 1941
The Mexican immigrant, his life story 1931
The mechanism of water-binding in soils. 1941
The matter of the Colorado River 1928
The law of necessity as applied in State of Arizona vs. H. E. Wooton 1917
The land of Nayarit, an account of the great mineral 1904
The land court act and proposed ammendments. 1882
The Kingdom of St. Francis in Arizona 1939
The Jokake School: A Desert School for girls: Day and resident 1936
The isolation and analysis of hemicelluloses and pectic materials from leaves of corn, Zea mays. 1941
The Interesting Salt River Valley 1927
The inheritance of awn-length in wheat. 1922
The influence of the university in the field of agriculture 1898
The Influence of Organized Labor on the Making of the Arizona Constitution 1930
The Idea of Fertilization in the Culture of the Pueblo Indians 1916
The History of Warner's Ranch and its Environs 1927
The History of Tombstone to 1887 1933
The history of the lower San Pedro Valley in Arizona 1938
The history of the Clifton-Morenci mining district 1924
The history of Clifton 1945
The history of Arizona from the earliest times known to the people of Europe to 1903 1905
The Grewe Site, Gila Valley, Arizona 1931