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An analysis of the vocational and avocational pursuits of Mexican men. 1940
Determination and analysis of irrigation costs in southern Arizona 1940
A Survey of the Safford High School 1940
Research of Voluntary Bang's disease expenditures 1940
Analysis of incomes and expenditure of families consisting of husband and wife 60 years of age and over 1940
Treasurer's cactus barrel full of Arizona recipes. 1940
The Papago Indians of Arizona and their relatives the Pima 1940
The general property tax structure and irrigated agriculture in Pinal County 1941
Arizona Indians; The People of the Sun 1941
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1941
Journal of the Pioneer and Walker mining districts 1941
Cerros de Trincheras of the Arizona Papagueria 1941
A summary of legislation affecting rural land use in arizona 1941
A ceremonial cave in the Winchester mountains, Arizona. 1941
Arizona's Renewable Natural Resources. 1941
Apaches & Longhorns; The Reminiscences of Will C. Barnes 1941
Live stock laws of the state of Arizona: rules and regulations of the Arizona Live Stock Sanitary Board. 1941
.An economic, political and social survey of Phoenix and the Valley of the sun 1941
The contribution of Eusebio Francisco Kino, S. J. to the exploration and civilization of the American southwest 1941
The mechanism of water-binding in soils. 1941
The Microbiological Oxidation of Various Nitrogen Fertilizers in Desert Soils, with Special Reference to the Behavior of Anhydrous Ammonia 1941
The Salt River Project of Arizona.The Salt River Project of Arizona: identical with the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and... 1941
The isolation and analysis of hemicelluloses and pectic materials from leaves of corn, Zea mays. 1941
Physiological and anatomical features of variable drought resistant varieties of spring wheat. 1941
Navajo Indian medical ethnobotany 1941