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Biennial report for the years 1895- '96 of the Territorial Auditor to the Governor of the Territory of Arizona 1897
The new Arizona: a brief review of its resources, development, industries, soil, climate. 1897
Phoenix, Arizona: In the heart of the great Salt River Valley: The earliest producing section 1897
Live stock laws of Arizona. Live Stock Sanitary Board of the territory of Arizona 1897
Biennial Report of the Live Stock Sanitary Board of Arizona 1898
Climatography of the Salt River Valley region of Arizona, the land of health and sunshine 1898
Treasures of health; the special climatic advantages of Tucson, Arizona. 1898
The influence of the university in the field of agriculture 1898
Certificate of incorporation and by laws. 1898
History of the Yavapai Bonds 1898
Course of study for the public schools of Arizona 1899
Northern Arizona normal school: an institution much needed by northern counties. 1899
Salt River Valley 1899
The Franciscans in Arizona 1899
Course of study and rules and regulations for the public schools of the the city of Phoenix, Arizona 1899
Agriculture in Pima County, Arizona 1900
Arizona bulletin: supplement. Solomonville, Ariz. 1900
Information relative to the agricultural development in the southwest 1900
Bibliography of Arizona Books, Pamphlets and periodicals in the library of Dr. J. A. Munk 1900
Biennial Report of the Live Stock Sanitary Board 1900
Deciduous fruit farming and vegetable gardening on Chandler Ranch 1900
Report of committee appointed by the Phoenix and Maricopa County Board of Trade at its regular meeting, April 10, 1900, to investigate the... 1900
Central Arizona Project Association.Articles of association, organization. 1900
Scenic Views of Yuma, Arizona 1900
What's your brand? 1900