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Home-room practices in Arizona high schools 1939
An analysis of income and expenditures of fourteen newly established Arizona families 1939
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1939
Proceedings of Committee of Fourteen, Colorado River Basin States 1939
My Desert Memories 1939
Fremont, Pathmarker of the West 1939
Buildings and Equipment for Departments of Vocational Agriculture 1939
The Kingdom of St. Francis in Arizona 1939
Report on Colorado River water available and uses in Arizona in relation to proposed Senate bill 56 providing for a tri-state compact 1939
Hashknives 1939
Statement concerning the proposed Boulder Canyon Project adjustment act. 1939
History of education of Cochise County 1940
Decline of the cotton exports of the United States 1940
Research of Voluntary Bang's disease expenditures 1940
An analysis of the vocational and avocational pursuits of Mexican men. 1940
Determination and analysis of irrigation costs in southern Arizona 1940
The Birth of Arizona: The Baby State 1940
A Survey of the Safford High School 1940
An archaeological site near Gleeson, Arizona 1940
Analysis of incomes and expenditure of families consisting of husband and wife 60 years of age and over 1940
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1940
Arizona Stream Flow Summary 1940
A small appropriation for the Gila project this year will start canal work to take Colorado River water to the thirsty lands of the Mohawk... 1940
The Papago Indians of Arizona and their relatives the Pima 1940
Treasurer's cactus barrel full of Arizona recipes. 1940