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Arizona Canal and Improvement Company. 1890
Adverse report of the Surveyor General of Arizona, Royal A. Johnson, upon the alleged Peralta Grant: a complete expose of its fraudulent... 1890
Report of the commissioner of immigration of Arizona 1889
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1889
Resources of Maricopa County, Arizona Territory; report of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce 1889
Southeastern Arizona, its varied climate and wonderful resources. 1889
Northern Arizona: its forests, arable and grazing lands 1889
Central and southwestern Arizona: the garden of America 1889
Rules and regulations, grading and course of study for the public schools of the the city of Phoenix 1889
Resources of Pinal County, Arizona 1889
Resources of Graham County 1888
Resources of Yuma County, Arizona 1888
Great register containing the names and registration of the domiciled inhabitants of the county of Apache 1888
The Citrus and Fruit Belt of Southern Arizona 1887
Report of Mr. E.W. Parsons of Hartford, Conn., and extracts from personal letters, etc., on the Salt River Valley, Arizona 1887
What the Salt River Valley offers to the immigrant, capitalist, and invalid: 1887
Central Arizona for home, for health, for wealth 1887
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1886
Descriptions of the Piedmont stock range in Maricopa, Yavapai and Yuma counties, Arizona Territory with observations upon the advantages of... 1886
Maricopa County, Arizona : reliable information on the splendid opportunities it offers to settlers prepared and published by the Phoenix... 1886
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition 1885
Report of a visit to the Navajo, Pueblo, and Hualapais Indians of New Mexico and Arizona 1885
The Garden of America: The Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona. 1885
Prospectus of the Calabasas, Tucson, and North Western Railroad Company 1885
The Grange: its origin, progress, and educational purposes 1884