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Irrigation on Upper Verde River Watershed from Surface Waters. 1940
Irrigation management; the operation, maintenance and betterment of works for bringing water to agricultural lands 1916
Irrigation in Arizona. ca. 1900
Irrigation for the farm, garden, and orchard. 1895
Irrigation for profit 1891
Irrigation Drainage District Law 1921
Irrigation canals and other irrigation works, including the flow of water in irrigation canals and open and closed channels generally, with... 1891
Irrigation by flooding and the efficiency of irrigation. 1920
Irrigation and river control in the Colorado River Delta 1913
Irrigation and drainage; principles and practice of their cultural phases 1907
Irrigated lands 1892
Inspection report of the vegetative conditions... Safford Erosion Project 1934
Information relative to the agricultural development in the southwest 1900
Indian detours through New Mexico and Arizona. 1930
If you want prosperity to return to America, read the Agricultural Utilities Plan of Farm Relief 1933
If you wan'ta ride herd on the Arizona market: you'll hafta lissen to Arizona Al 1934
How we do it at: Mesa Union high school 1938
How to get sustained forage production in grazing semi-desert mixed grass ranges 1937
How to get a home in the Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona 1910
Hotels, guest ranches in Arizona 1936
Hoover Dam. Bulletin S-4. 1933
Home-room practices in Arizona high schools 1939
History of the Yavapai Bonds 1898
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1886
History of the north Mexican states and Texas 1889