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A Study of the Pollen of Phoenix Dactylifera with Reference to its Longevity and Effect on the Fruit 1927
Physical and chemical properties of Arizona early baart wheat correlated with its baking strength 1927
The Geology and ore deposits of the Johnson mining district, Arizona 1927
Poultry Industry in Yavapai County, Arizona 1927
Senate joint memorial No. 10 1927
The Interesting Salt River Valley 1927
Reasons for Arizona's opposition to the Swing-Johnson bill and Santa Fe compact 1927
Grazing and Reforestation 1927
The Apache trail of Arizona 1927
Boulder Dam and Cotton 1927
Economic Features and Potential Development Values of the Roosevelt Irrigation District 1927
San Pedro Municipal Water Conservation District: Preliminary Report 1927
Pima County, Arizona 1927
Roosevelt Irrigation District Water Contracts and Agreements 1927
The History of Warner's Ranch and its Environs 1927
Report of the Arizona Colorado River Committee appointed by Gov. Geo. W.P. Hunt. 1927
Principles of the Arizona Colorado River development association. 1927
Your opportunity: an income for life with Florizona Paper Shell Pecan Company of Florence, Arizona 1927
Advertisements 1928 1928
An aboriginal salt mine at Camp Verde, Arizona 1928
A quantitative measurement of the vitamine A and B content of certain Arizona dates 1928
Southern Arizona for the settler. 1928
Archaeological survey of Arizona 1928
The Colorado River question : shall natural resources create local or enlarge distant development? 1928
A symposium on the Boulder Canyon Dam 1928