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The delta country of the Colorado 1929
Exposition Number. Arizona State Poultry Federation 1929
Exposition Number. Arizona State Poultry Federation 1930
Great State Arizona 1930
The Influence of Organized Labor on the Making of the Arizona Constitution 1930
Indian detours through New Mexico and Arizona. 1930
Phoenix, Arizona: "The New Winter Playground" 1930
Analysis of Boulder Canyon Project Act 1930
Tucson, The Old Pueblo 1930
Mexican immigration to the United States; a study of human migration and adjustment 1930
The Apache trail of Arizona 1930
Arizona sacrifices her prehistoric canals. 1930
The United Verde Copper Company: a series of articles describing the organization, operations, and activities of this company in the Jerome... 1930
Harnessing of the Colorado River 1930
Live stock laws of the state of Arizona. Rules and regulations. Live Stock Sanitary Board of Arizona, May 1, 1930 1930
Camels in Western America 1930
Report on the proposed improvement of the St. David irrigation system, Cochise County, Arizona 1930
Recently dated Pueblo ruins in Arizona 1931
The Grewe Site, Gila Valley, Arizona 1931
State regulation of railroad and electric rates in Arizona to 1925; a study of the origin and activities of the Arizona corporation... 1931
Chandler Heights Citrus Tract 1931
Ethnography of the Yuma Indians 1931
Financial survey of the public schools of Coconino County and recommendations based upon the findings 1931
Arizona's prehistoric canals, from the air 1931
Martinez Hill ruins 1931