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Ethnography of the Yuma Indians 1931
The controversy between Arizona and California over the Boulder Canyon Project Act 1931
A Brief Report on Transient Families in Arizona 1931
The Boulder Dam decision; speech of Clifton Mathews at Globe, Arizona, August 5, 1931 1931
The Mexican immigrant, his life story 1931
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. A summary of the Metropolitan Water District aqueduct situation. 1931
Nellie Cashman; a modest tribute to the memory of a noble woman whose energetic, courageous, self-sacrificing life was an inspiration on a... 1931
State regulation of railroad and electric rates in Arizona to 1925; a study of the origin and activities of the Arizona corporation... 1931
Financial survey of the public schools of Coconino County and recommendations based upon the findings 1931
Arizona: Great State. 1931
Martinez Hill ruins 1931
Soda Springs Ranch, Rimrock, Arizona. 1931?
Camelback Water Conservation District 1932
Southern Arizona Fair and Rodeo 1932
Why an Arizona beefsteak: a publication in the interests of "Arizona beef prefered" 1932
Report of Colorado River Commission of Arizona 1931-1932 1932
Financial Report of the Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board for the fiscal year July 1, 1930 to June 30, 1931. 1932
Timber: a state asset; 1932
General Crook's first administration in Arizona 1871-1875 1932
An Outline of Sheep Husbandry 1932
Some criteria for establishing and maintaining agricultural departments in the secondary schools of Arizona 1932
The History of Tombstone to 1887 1933
A History of Mesa 1933
Marketing Arizona Beef Cattle 1933
Physiological and environmental factors affecting the length of cotton fibers 1933