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Determination and analysis of irrigation costs in southern Arizona 1940
Determining the need for and conditions under which adult agricultural education should be offered in the Salt River Valley 1934
Development of home economics education in Arizona from 1917-1942 1945
Douglas, Arizona 1913
Drainage Report 1919-1920
Early history of the University of Arizona 1922
Economic Features and Potential Development Values of the Roosevelt Irrigation District 1927
Economic survey of Salt River Project, Arizona 1942
Effects of grazing upon western yellow-pine reproduction in the national forests of Arizona and New Mexico 1917
El tratado de aguas pendiente entre Mexico y Estados Unidos. 1945
Escalante in Dixie and the Arizona Strip 1928
Ethnobotany of the Navajo 1943
Ethnography of the Yuma Indians 1931
Excavations at Valshni village, Papago Indian reservation, Arizona 1941
Explanation of terms in the Colorado River controversy between Arizona and California 1929
Exposition Number. Arizona State Poultry Federation 1928
Exposition Number. Arizona State Poultry Federation 1929
Exposition Number. Arizona State Poultry Federation 1930
Extracts of laws pertaining to the Arizona Commission of Agriculture and Horticulture: Title 3 (in part), Arizona Revised Statutes 1900s
Facts about Arizona, the land of sunshine, gold and silver, health and prosperity, the place for ideal homes in a temperance colony 1894
Facts concerning state and territorial taxes 1914
Facts concerning the Gila Valley, the farmers' paradise. Graham County, Arizona. 1915
Facts figures, and pictures about the city of Yuma: and the 150,000 acres of valley and mesa land along the Colorado River which is being... 1915
Facts for future farmers 1945
Facts regarding railroads, public highways, and motor vehicles 1933