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Status of the rural teacher of Navajo County 1925
Statement of Governor R.C. Stanford of Arizona to Boulder Dam Power Conference 1937
Statement of farmers in Salt River Project in regard to their experience with the use of pumped water and as to the falling off in... 1934
Statement concerning the proposed Boulder Canyon Project adjustment act. 1939
State regulation of railroad and electric rates in Arizona to 1925; a study of the origin and activities of the Arizona corporation... 1931
State Forestry Association of Arizona. 1920
State Entomologist.Plant inspection and quarantine laws, orders and regulations applying in the state of Arizona. 1923; 1927
Spillway for Stewart Mountain Dam 1935
Special Report of the State Fair Commission State of Arizona 1913, 1916
Southwest sketches 1920
Southern Pacific Company.List of resorts and guest ranches, resort hotels & ranch schools along the Southern Pacific Lines in southern... 1934-1941
Southern Arizona for the settler. 1928
Southern Arizona Fair and Rodeo 1932
Southeastern Arizona, its varied climate and wonderful resources. 1889
Some papers on the subject of national aid in the storage of water for the irrigation of the arid West 1901
Some economic aspects of county consolidation in Arizona; with particular reference to Pima and Santa Cruz Counties 1937
Some criteria for establishing and maintaining agricultural departments in the secondary schools of Arizona 1932
Some climatic features of the arid regions, communicated to the National Irrigation Congress at its fifth annual session, Phoenix, Arizona... 1896
Soil survey of the Yuma-Wellton area, Arizona-California 1933
Soil survey of the Solomonsville area, Arizona 1904
Soil survey of the Salt River Valley area, Arizona 1931
Soil erosion in relation to vegetation on certain soil-type areas in Arizona and New Mexico 1934
Soda Springs Ranch, Rimrock, Arizona. 1931?
Sketch of Pima County, Arizona: its mining districts, minerals, climate, agriculture and other resources 1910
Short and simple instructions in pheasant culture 1900s