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Two Opinions of the Attorney General furnished to Colorado River Commission of Arizona 1933
School finance and related problems in Arizona. 1933
If you want prosperity to return to America, read the Agricultural Utilities Plan of Farm Relief 1933
Facts regarding railroads, public highways, and motor vehicles 1933
Soil survey of the Yuma-Wellton area, Arizona-California 1933
Federal Lands and the Permanent School Fund. 1933
Teacher-training and placement in Arizona. 1933
Some criteria for establishing and maintaining agricultural departments in the secondary schools of Arizona 1932
Financial Report of the Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board for the fiscal year July 1, 1930 to June 30, 1931. 1932
An Outline of Sheep Husbandry 1932
Timber: a state asset; 1932
Southern Arizona Fair and Rodeo 1932
Camelback Water Conservation District 1932
General Crook's first administration in Arizona 1871-1875 1932
Why an Arizona beefsteak: a publication in the interests of "Arizona beef prefered" 1932
Report of Colorado River Commission of Arizona 1931-1932 1932
Soda Springs Ranch, Rimrock, Arizona. 1931?
Desert Land Magazine 1931
Colorado river and the Boulder canyon project 1931
The Mexican immigrant, his life story 1931
Arizona: Great State. 1931
Recently dated Pueblo ruins in Arizona 1931
The Boulder Dam decision; speech of Clifton Mathews at Globe, Arizona, August 5, 1931 1931
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. A summary of the Metropolitan Water District aqueduct situation. 1931
The Grewe Site, Gila Valley, Arizona 1931