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The Spanish missions of the Santa Cruz Valley 1937
How to get sustained forage production in grazing semi-desert mixed grass ranges 1937
Settlement and growth of the Gila Valley as a Mormon colony 1937
Farm Mechanics Course in the Tucson Senior High School for Ranch Boys 1937
Livestock laws of the state of Arizona : rules and regulations of the Arizona Live Stock Sanitary Board. 1937
A health survey of the one- two- and three- room schools of Maricopa County in relation to health diagnosis and remedial procedure. 1937
Salt River Project, Description and Statistics 1937
Herds in San Simon Valley: what has happened to the promised land of Arizona's oldtime cattlemen 1936
Yuma Federal Reclamation Project 1936
Prehistoric irrigation in the Salt River Valley 1936
Type-of-farming areas in Arizona 1936
Yuma: The Sunshine Capital of the United States. 1936
annual report of live stock sanitary board 1936
Cultural relations of the Gila River and lower Colorado tribes 1936
Reports Arizona State Planning Board 1936
Report of the feasibility of Gila Valley Project, Arizona. 1936
A study of the preferential rights in the use of water and their relation to agriculture and of authority for enforcement 1936
The Railroad as a Factor in Arizona History 1936
Boulder Dam and the public utilites 1936
Hotels, guest ranches in Arizona 1936
The species of Astragalus occurring in Arizona. 1936
Symposium on prehistoric agriculture 1936
Tucson Livestock Show 1936
A Financial Survey of Maricopa County 1936
Vocational guidance for Arizona high schools, with particular emphasis upon its economic phases 1936