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The greater Southwest; the economic, social, and cultural development of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico,... 1934
Annual Report of the Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board. Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1934 1934
If you wan'ta ride herd on the Arizona market: you'll hafta lissen to Arizona Al 1934
Report on field work with the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition of 1934 1934
Traders to the Navajos; the story of the Wetherills of Kayenta 1934
Highline Book summary of Arizona's rights on Colorado River 1934
Determining the need for and conditions under which adult agricultural education should be offered in the Salt River Valley 1934
Inspection report of the vegetative conditions... Safford Erosion Project 1934
Soil erosion in relation to vegetation on certain soil-type areas in Arizona and New Mexico 1934
Railroad transportation through Prescott. 1934
Statement of farmers in Salt River Project in regard to their experience with the use of pumped water and as to the falling off in... 1934
Desert Wife 1934
With Padre Kino on the Trail 1934
A chapter of early Arizona transportation history; the Arizona Narrow Guage Railroad Company. 1934
Teacher-training and placement in Arizona. 1933
Cultural methods for young pecan orchards in the irrigated southwest 1933
Annual Report of the Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board. 1933
Hoover Dam. Bulletin S-4. 1933
The administration of the state and school lands in Arizona 1933
The History of Tombstone to 1887 1933
A History of Mesa 1933
Marketing Arizona Beef Cattle 1933
Federal Lands and the Permanent School Fund. 1933
Soil survey of the Yuma-Wellton area, Arizona-California 1933
Two Opinions of the Attorney General furnished to Colorado River Commission of Arizona 1933