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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Chabes Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignacio (gobernador). Order that married couples live together. 04-30-1714
Chabes Linares, Duque de (virrey). notification and order from the viceroy to the governor of Nueva Mexico concerning a fugitive soldier accused... 09-00-1714
Chabes Apodaca, Miguel. Dispute over ownership of livestock. 09-04-1818
Chabes Juaquin Padilla. Certification of a defaulted bond. 09-28-1818
Chabes Andres Lucero. Criminal case against Juachin Padilla for theft of sheep. 10-26-1818
Chabes Casmiro Salasar. 03-16-1819
Chabes Bellido, Manuel to ayuntamiento. Request for certification of religious services performed at Santo Domingo, Pina Blanca and la Baxada.... 09-26-1821
Chabes Armijo, Juan. Reporting on a navajo campaign and a mutiny (motin). 10-23-1821
Chabes Domingo Cabello (gobernador). List of gifts presented to comanche Indians. 06-17-1785
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jose Antonio Rengel. Arrival at Bexar of comanche couple. 12-24-1785
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jose Antonio Rengel. Visit to Bexar by comanche party. 02-20-1786
Chabes quaderno de rayas de labradores de esta hacienda de San Francisco Xavier de la Baya 04-01-1803
Chabes Manuel Gallegos. Indian women's complaint against masters investigated for failure to teach christian doctrine. 10-12-1763
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola. Payments to Chabes and Vial for work on comanches peace negotiations, and payments to Gil y... 09-24-1786
Chabes por la carta de v.m. de 21 de noviembre ultimo y documentos que la acompanan que . . . . 11-04-1792
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola. Indian relations and rewards requested for Chabes and Vial for their service. 07-17-1786
Chabes Jose Garcia de la Mora/Padilla, Luis/Ytrerrienta, Pedro. 02-15-1819
Chabes Facundo Melgares. Acknowledging receipt of letter concerning need for guards for livestock. 09-07-1818
Chabes Gabaldon, Miguel. Criminal action against Christoval Gutierrez and Pedro Chaves for having stolen a trunk of trading goods from supply... 04-21-1805
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jose Antonio Rengel. Information on Indians of Texas and honours for emissaries and interpreters. 04-30-1786
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jose Antonio Rengel. Visit by comanche braves offering peace. 11-25-1785
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jose Antonio Rengel. Indian relations and plans for dealing with Indians. 11-25-1785
Chabes Pallares, Jose Bitoriano. Criminal case against Jose Bitoriano Pallares, charged with stealing livestock from his employer. Sentenced to... 05-07-1805
Chabes . Vecinos and Indians of Abiquiu petition to build a bridge across the Rio Chama. Permission granted. 12-23-1784
Chabes Gallego, Maria de los Dolores/Chabes, Eusebio. Gallego charges that Chabes attacked her husband verbally and with a stick. 06-03-1765
Chabes Miguel Lusero. Autos criminales por diferentes desovediensias cometiadas por Baltasar y Bernave Baca contra lo mandado por bando del senor... 08-02-1752
Chabes Antonio Baca. Queja que dio Antonio Baca alcalde mayor y capitan a guerra del pueblo de Xemes y su jurisdiction. 06-12-1745
Chabes Domingo Cabello to Jacobo Ugarte y Loyola. Concerns distribution of presents to comanches and to 21 friendly northern tribes. 09-24-1786
Chabes Melgares, Facundo. Service records of officers. 12-21-1821
Chabes Ravi de Celis, Manuel. Criminal case of theft and perjury. 06-20-1820
Chabes Ysidro Sanchez Vanares y Fagle. Peticion de Ysidro Sanchez vezino de la poblazion de fuenclara con quejas contra el bachiller don Santiago... 08-02-1744
Chabes Juana Martin. Causa criminal por querilla de Juana Martin contra Joseph de Armijo, en razon de el amansavamiento con Gertrudis de Segura. 07-20-1744
Chabes Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignazio. Order requiring that all captive Apaches be baptised before they are sold. 09-26-1714
Chabes Criminal cases against Camarillo (Maulas), noparan and Jose Antonio. 09-02-1796