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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Munarriz Informes from Rivera, Pedro de, Perez de Almazan, and others to viceroy concerning Indian affairs and colonists in Texas. 12-01-1731
Munarriz Letters to and from Escorza, concerning fiscal arrangements of the presidios of the Chihuahua area. 01-24-1776
Munarriz Letters to and from Escorza concerning fiscal arrangements for presidios around Chihuahua. 04-02-1776
Munarriz Letter to Rengel about certain deserter now pretending to be member of another military company 12-07-1784
Munarriz Ugarte y Loyola corresponds with Virreynato regarding various administrative, military and financial matters. 08-03-1786
Munarriz O'conor's informe on condition of interior provinces 01-30-1776
Munarriz Administrative letters from Captain Echegaray to Commander General Ugalde; 1788 02-27-1788
Munarriz Concerns forced retirement of officials considered 'inutil' by Ugalde, virreyes. 04-08-1783
Munarriz Correspondence between viceroy and Croix in reference to various issues within Provincias Internas. 07-31-1777
Munarriz Series of documents dealing with distribution of land and water rights to repopulators of San Fernando. Measurement and boundaries for each... 07-06-1731
Munarriz Civil appointments in province of Texas. 07-20-1731
Munarriz General letters to, from Ugalde concerning military administration. 11-05-1787
Munarriz General military correspondence between Ugalde and Florez. 07-07-1788
Munarriz Letters from Echegaray to Ugalde concerning Indian issues. 04-01-1788
Munarriz Correspondence of Ugarte and viceroy concerning promotions of presidial officers and other administrative positions. 06-01-1787
Munarriz Correspondence between Loyola, Rengel and virreynato concerning various replacements for officers and administrative matters. 03-11-1786
Munarriz Autos to viceroy concerning establishment of Cabildo and other civil offices by canary island immigrants at San Antonio Bexar. 10-24-1731
Munarriz Concerns 'retirement' of Fueros, considered 'inutil' by Ugalde and virrey. 02-25-1788
Munarriz Letters between Galvez, Ugalde, and Ugarte concerning military campaigns against Cohahuila's Indians. 00-00-1777
Munarriz Correspondence from Loyola to viceroy during July 1788 regarding issues within Provincias Internas de Poniente with previous documents. 09-28-1787
Munarriz Hojas de servicio de oficiales, sargentos, y cadete de la tercera compania Volante de la colonia del Nuevo Santander ajustados por fin de... 12-31-1791
Munarriz Documents concerning financial support of colonial officials wife. 12-00-1780