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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Native women at market Image 1920-02-07
Mother and child Image 1920-02-07
Oil palm Image 1920-02-07
Pachylobus Image 1920-02-07
Three ears of corn Image 1920-02-07
A short banana Image 1920-02-07
Kigelia Image 1920-02-07
Fruit 15 inches long Image 1920-02-07
Street scene Image 1920-02-07
Plants 12 ft. high Image 1920-02-06
Bananas, rice, manihot & corn Image 1920-02-06
Bananas Image 1920-02-06
Cassava Image 1920-02-06
Native path through cassava Image 1920-02-06
Native field Image 1920-02-06
Tobacco, Colocasia, etc. Image 1920-02-06
Native yard Image 1920-02-06
A row of bananas Image 1920-02-06
Eggplant Image 1920-02-05
Root and leaf Image 1920-02-05
Manihot root and leaf Image 1920-02-05
Tall grass and palms Image 1920-02-04
Tall grass along native path Image 1920-02-04
Tall grass Image 1920-02-04
Tall grass Image 1920-02-04
Moonlight on Congo River Image 1920-02-04
Fruit and leaf Image 1920-02-03
Three fruits and leaves Image 1920-02-03
Building material, bamboo & grass Image 1920-02-01
Papyrus on Congo bank Image 1920-02-01
Grass and trees Image 1920-02-01
Beans, celery, peas, lettuce, etc Image 1920-02-01
Grasses just burned off Image 1920-02-01
Buds, leaves, flowers & pods Image 1920-02-01
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