Correspondence between Hijosa and viceroy about Sonoran expedition.

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Correspondence between Hijosa and viceroy about Sonoran expedition.
Hijosa, Francisco (Tesorero)
Tepique. June 6, 1767. 78p. Letters. Informes. Autos. Signed
Correspondence between Hijosa and viceroy regarding various Tepic with problems about requisition of foodstuffs, weapons, horses, payment of salaries, advances of salaries, preparation of maritime transport to Guaymas from San Blas and other details about personnel involved. Reference about indios marineros used as crew. Hijosa also questions naming of Capellan Cienfuegos to expedition prefering priest for port of San Blas to be permanent there. Accuses new missionaries of being negligent and mercenary toward commercialization and not caring for people. Viceroy orders necessary help for Jesuits being transported to Guadalaxara including 15 from California under care of Alferez Fernandez and 50 from Sonora and Sinaloa under care of Cabeza de Vaca. Hijosa accuses pilot Solorzano and officers of inexperience, punishing one using stocks. Disputes with comandante Rivero about breadmaker accusing Rivero of despotism. Other letter from viceroy about appointment by king of Abarca as standard bearer ordering him to be treated as an officer. (A. Dell'acqua, November 1987)
Croix, Marquez de (Virrey)
Hijosa, Francisco (Tesorero)
Martinez, Francisco (Teniente)
Peiran, Domingo (Capitan)
Elizondo, Domingo (Coronel)
B(?), Francisco Xavier
Galves, Joseph de (Visitador General)
Narvaez, Francisco
Giron, Gaspar
Pintado y Cienfuegos, Francisco (Capellan)
Fernandez, Diego (Conductor de Jesuitas)
Rivero, Manuel (Comandante En Jefe de Marina)
Ocio, Antonio de
Abarca, Bartholome (Porta Estandarte)
Merino, Joseph (Coronel)
Portola, Gaspar de (Gobernador)
Laso, Joseph (Alferez)
Lopez de Solorzano, Joseph (Piloto)
Reyes, Manuel (Practico)
Cabeza de Vaca, Juan Crisostomo (Conductor de Jesuitas)
Mora, Agustin de
Tepic (Pueblo)
San Carlos (Bergantin)
San Blas (Puerto)
Guaymas (Puerto)
Lenora (Galeta)
Phillipinas (Islas)
Guaristemba (Abarcadero)
Rosario (Abarcadero)
Sinaloa (Calandra)
Culiacan (Abarcadero)
Loreto (Presidio)
San Fernando (Colegio Eclesiastico)
Queretaro, Santa Cruz de (Colegio Eclesiastico)
Guadalaxara (Ciudad)
Mazatan (Puerto)
Tamarida, San Antonio de (Puerto)
Military Groups
Cataluna, Compania Franca de Voluntarios de
Espana, Dragones de Compania de Fusileros de Montana
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 049 ff. 109-147
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 049 ff. 109-147
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