Biofile Southwest is a biographical listing of nearly 20,000 persons living in the greater Southwest and northern “New Spain” in centuries past. An auxiliary file to the DRSW Master Index, the Biofile is an invaluable resource for those studying the history and people of the Southwest during the Spanish colonial period.

  1. Biofile Southwest is a computer generated biographical dictionary of persons who appear in the historical record of northern New Spain. It is a separate, auxiliary file to the DRSW Master Index to assist in the identification of persons with the same or similar names. It is an alphabetical listing of 19,684 persons living in the greater Southwest during the Spanish colonial period who appear with frequency in the historical record. Each entry is assumed to be a discrete person who is assigned a Biographical Identification Number (BID) to distinguish between persons with the same name.
  2. Biofile Relatives and Household Members Index is an alphabetical index to the names embedded within the biographical sketches of persons in the Biofile Southwest. Included in this list are spouses, family members, relatives, and household members. Names appearing in this list may or may not appear in the Master List of Biofile.
  3. Biofile Occupations and Titles Index. This index alphabetically lists all titles and occupations found in Biofile. They are arranged in fifty-year sets so that a researcher may more easily investigate specific occupations for a specific time period.

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