Letters from Borica and Nava to virrey concerning military promotions and military pensions.

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Letters from Borica and Nava to virrey concerning military promotions and military pensions.
Concha, Francisco de la
Borica, Diego de (Coronel)
Nava, Pedro de
Chihuahua. January 10, 1793. 74p. Letters. Petitions. Originals. Copies. Signed.
Petition of Gracia de Invalidos by Urioste in February, 1793. Borica proposed for military promotion to Zarin, Camarena and Madrid for Segundo alferes in presidio del Carrizal; Zarin is given the promotion in January, 1793. Urrea and Franco are nominated for la tenencia (lieutenant) de la compania presidial de San Agustin del Tupson; Urrea is given the employment in January, 1793. Nava nominates Maynes for capitan de la segunda compania volante; the promotion is accepted in February, 1793. Notification of run away of Indian known as capitan Chiquito from presidio de Arizpe. Capitan Chiquito, and some other Indians and soldiers, are said to have been killed by two bears; same folio mentions Grimarest death without specifying whether he or not he was killed by the Indians. Petition from Gomez in order to obtain Gracia de Invalidos, in feb,. 1793. Nava sends updated map of provincias de Nueva Vizcaya (February, 1793) to virrey. Perez Fernandez is given Alferez promotion for compania del presidio de San Francisco in January, 1793. Diaz de Solorsano is nominated for lieutenant in la septima compania del Cuerpo de milicias de dragones provinciales del Principe, in January, 1793. Nava reports the condition in which the sacred ornaments are, due to the extranamiento de los Jesuitas in a village (whose name is not mentioned). (R.Gomez, January 1989)
Urioste, Juan de
Bargas, Juan
Bargas, Josefa
Guerrero, Antonio (Sargento)
Sandoval, Pablo (Sargento)
Anza, Juan Baptista de
Cavallero, Liborio
Zarin, Nicolas
Madrid, Nicolas (Sargento)
Sales Bohorques, Francisco
Urrea, Mariano de
Franco, Juan
Medina, Roque de
Maynez, Alberto
Marrufo, Ramon
Ochoa, Manuel de (Teniente)
Gomez, Torivio
Pagasa, Juan
Rengel, Manuel (Capitan)
Duran, Maria Josepha
Peralta, Alberto
Mata Binolas, Pedro
Chiquito (Capitan)(Apache)
Santa Fe (Presidio)
Santa Fe (Villa)
Carrizal (Presidio)
Jamaica (Isla)
Tucson, San Agustin del (Presidio)
Santa Cruz (Presidio)
San Francisco (Presidio)
Bacamunchi (Cuesta)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Mexico, Regimiento de Dragones de
Lusitania, Regimiento de Dragones de
Orcasitas, Primera Compania de San Miguel de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 060 ff. 043-070
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 060 ff. 043-070
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