Various documents regarding military and civilian issues within Provincias Internas

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Various documents regarding military and civilian issues within Provincias Internas
Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio Maria (Fray)(Virrey)
Mexico. April 5, 1777. Letters. Signed.
Various documents relating to civil and military affairs within Provincias Internas in particular, authorization to capitan Martinez to wed if future wife's dowry proven. Ministers from real hacienda have same rights to retire to Spain with kings permission with third of salary as priests. Request by Fernandez to be reimbursed for monies given to Medina for subsistance and trip to Mexico for horses. Request denied by viceroy as Fernandez did not follow procedures. Food supplies for presidios in California. Letters to governor of Veracruz to aid Croix's doctor in travel to Mexico. Requests for gunpowder of first quality to be used in war time in presidios along frontier. Raise of salary for Escorza. Extinction of compania volante de Sonora under king orders. (A. Dell'acqua, March 1988)
Bucareli y Ursua, Antonio Maria (Fray)(Virrey)
Croix, Teodoro Francisco (Comandante Provincias Internas)
Galvez, Joseph (Secretario)
Martinez, Francisco (Capitan)
Mora, Vicente (Fray)
Cavallero de los Olivos, Michaela
Oconor, Hugo (Inspector Militar)
Menocal, Francisco (Capitan)
Bonilla, Antonio (Secretario)
Fernandez, Eugenio (Teniente)
Medina, Roque de (Ayudante Inspector)
Diaz, Domingo (Capitan)
Escorza, Manuel (Tesorero)
Anteaga, Ignacio (Teniente de Navio)
Hijosa, Francisco (Comisario)
Crespo, Francisco (Gobernador Interino)
Castillo, Luis del (Capitan)
Augier, Santiago (Cirujano)
Echeveste, Juan Joseph de
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Chihuahua, destacamento de la Primera Compania de
Nueva Vizcaya, Primera Compania Volante de
Sonora, Compania Volante de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 074 ff. 235-262
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 074 ff. 235-262
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