Don Manuel Bujanos, Alferez primero de la segunda compania Volante del Nuevo Santander...

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Don Manuel Bujanos, Alferez primero de la segunda compania Volante del Nuevo Santander...
Bujanos, Manuel
Chacon, Fernando and others
Llera, Mexico. July 8, 1791-February 12, 1794. 28p. Letters, informes, autos. Copies, transcriptions.
Series of documents dealing with refund to Murgier; prosecution of Puga and Murgier for killing Indians in cold blood; judges chosen for military court; sentencing of Puga and Murgier; Series of testimonies from soldiers implicating Puga for the killing of five Indians in cold blood; defense is made arguing that testimonies are a total fabrication from witnesses against defendants; Perez and Olazaran are punished for abuses of authority; allegation that Munoz disliked the defendants so he went ahead and prosecuted them; documents speaking of corruption of government officials; defendors Argue that prosecutors don't count good things Murgier did for provinces and Indians pacification; defense of Puga made against allegations that he killed Indians by his own choice and not under orders of Murgier (M. Marroquin, March 1989)
Bujanos, Manuel (Alferez)
Murgier, Juan Maria (Capitan)
Leon, Eugenio de (Sargento)
Gonzalez (Indio)
Puga, Antonio Fabian de (Teniente)
Ruiz Davalos, Pedro (Brigadier)
Rodriguez Biedna, Thomas (Teniente Coronel)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Virrey)
Sanchez, Pablo (Coronel)
Velazquez, Juan (Coronel)
Salcedo, Nemecio (Coronel)
Bonilla, Antonio (Coronel)
Alva, Jose (Coronel)
Saenz, Manuel Julian
Yluapa, Marquez de
Chacon, Fernando
Gomez, Antonio
Munoz, Manuel (Gobernador)
Sierragorda, Conde de (Gobernador)
Lorenzo, Jose Antonio (Cabo)
Leon, Cristobal de
Roncal, Jose (Soldado)
Perez, Mariano
Sanchez de Zamora, Manuel
Fernandez, Alexo (Juez)
Portillo, Silverstre (Coronel)
Serna, Antonio de la (Capitan)
Ugalde, Juan de (Inspector)
Gutierrez de la Cueva, Juan (Coronel)
Nava, Pedro (Comandante)
Castro, Ramon de
Cruz, Mariano (Testigo)
Valenzuela, Pedro
Nuevo Santander (Colonia)
Santa Barbara
Santiago (Cerro)
Llera (Villa)
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, Segunda Compania Volante de
Espana, Dragones de
Santiago, Orden de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 133 ff. 167-181
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 133 ff. 167-181
Microfilm reel has no consistent sequential folio numbers. Several sections without folio numbers. Filming appears to have been done out of order. Count given here is Film frame sequence, not numbers found on document.
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