Serial Number
Rodriguez, Biedma Thomas
Olazaran, Jose Maria
and others
Nuevo Santander, Croix. April 9, 1793. 26p. Autos, testimonios. Copies, transcriptions.
Series of testimonies taken to soldiers and Indian witnesses in consejo de guerra raised against lieutenant Puga and captain Murgier. Witnesses give a vivid description and details of how Indians were cut in pieces and how the executioners asked themselves why they had to kill those Indians in cold blood. Some soldiers testifying under oath, say they suggested baptizing Indians first, since they had to kill them. Other suggested a less cruel way of executing them such as poisoning them. (M. Marroquin, March 1989)
Cadena, Rufino (Soldado)
Zamora, Manuel
Leon, Eugenio de (Sargento)
Lorenzo, Jose (Cabo)
Loperena, Sebastian (Cabo)
Perez, Mariano (Vecino)
Rodriguez Biedma, Thomas (Comandante)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Virrey)
Fernandez, Alexo (Capitan)
Sierragorda, Conde de (Gobernador)
Gutierrez, Jose Carlos
Ximenez, Antonio
Camotero, Santiago (Indio)
Murgier, Juan Maria de (Capitan)
Xavielillo (Indio)
Olazaran, Jose Maria
Guevara, Ygancio
Bargas, Antonio de
Mireles, Lazaro (Cabo)
Cleto Yzaguirre, Antonio (Soldado)
Puga, Fabian Antonio (Teniente)
Santiago (Indio)
Gonzalez (Indio)
Gregorio (Indio)
Barbon, Antonio (Indio)
Garcia, Juan Miguel (Soldado)
Galva, Cristobal (Soldado)
Guixas, Jose Maria (Alferez)
Garcia, Miguel (Cabo)
Cadena, Justo (Soldado)
Pizano, Juan
Bulano, Manuel (Alferez)
Lazaya, Juan Miguel de
Vidal, Joaquin
Segovia, Juan Antonio
Cleto, Antonio
Cruz, Mariano
Croix (Villa)
Alamito (Paraje)
Tula, San Antonio de (Villa)
Croix, Purisima Concepcion de (Villa)
Palmas (Mision)
Nuevo Santander (Colonia)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, Segunda Compania Volante del
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 133 ff. 225-238
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 133 ff. 225-238
Microfilm reel has no consistent sequential folio numbers. Several sections without folio numbers. Filming appears to have been done out of order. Count given here is Film frame sequence, not numbers found on document.
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