Correspondence principally between Antonio and Areche concerning conditions in California and need for visitador general.

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Correspondence principally between Antonio and Areche concerning conditions in California and need for visitador general.
Antonio (Obispo de Guadalajara)
Areche (Fiscal)
Mangino, Fernando and others.
April 1, 1772-September 1, 1772. 62p. Letters. Copies.
Concerns Antonio's reference to improvements, suggested by Barri, being made in missions in California. says after Jesuit expulsion, Franciscans received missions of southern California with more than 1,000 Indians. Contains list of each mission and numbers of Indians drastically reduced in only four years. Priests told archbishop decline due to Galvez having sent Indians from two other missions to Todos Santos where they died of disease or deserted. Said decline also due to loss of cattle and tools on expedition to Monterrey; Indians became dependent on missions who couldn't provide for all. Antonio says Indians wouldn't flee if given weekly rations of meat and seed because they suffer from starvation. Treatment is inconsistent with Christian message. Approves of Barri's idea to incorporate missions. Relates abuses of some priests who administer sacraments without any license from bishop. says this may be case with Ibarzabal. Suggests judicial clergy to monitor mission activity and that inventory be taken annually. Contains separate decrees by fiscal and viceroy summarizing and approving these suggestions. Regarding selection of Visitador General Antonio suggests a person to correct missionaries, cooperate with governors, withstand the climate and one who is not currently in a mission. Suggests Gomez for position. Areche requests Antonio to compile information on Gomez and Ibarzabal. Areche requests viceroy to declare who will pay 2,000 pesos to new visitador. Viceroy recommends matter to Mangino who replies that charging the California missions would pressure an already strained budget. Dominicans have added responsibilities from new missions acquired. says each mission should contribute funds according to amount of property owned. Concerning licenses, Areche will send 27 priests to missions to request to See licenses for religious activities. Those without proper authority will be suspended. Group will inform on weekly collections and on state of missions. (M. Dannemiller, March 1988)
Areche (Fiscal)
Antonio (Obispo de Guadalajara)
Bucareli y Ursua
Iriarte, Juan Pedro (Fray)
Galvez, Josef de
Barri Felipe
Palou, Francisco
Ibarzabal, Isidrio
Gomez, Lino
Pintado Cienfuegos, Francisco
Mangino, Fernando (Director de Temporalidades)
Fages, Pedro
Todos Santos
San Fernando (Colegio)
Gonzaga, San Luis (Mision)
Coros, Santiago de los (Mision)
Cavo, San Josef del (Mision)
Paz, Pilar de la (Mision)
Santa Anna
San Blas (Puerto)
Santo Domingo
San Diego
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 152 ff. 467-498
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 152 ff. 467-498
Folio 485 repeated twice.
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