Letters and diarios de comision from Borica de Diego concerning military visitas in Nuevo Vizcaya first in this series begins with febrero 14 de 1791.

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Letters and diarios de comision from Borica de Diego concerning military visitas in Nuevo Vizcaya first in this series begins with febrero 14 de 1791.
Borica, Diego de (Teniente Coronel)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de
Durango, Mexico, estancia de rio florido, rancho de talamantes. March 22, 1791 -April 6, 1792. 32pp. Approximate letters, diarios de comision. Originals, copies. Reyes trujillo returning after expedition against manta prieta with indian aid ojos Colorados, an indian attack against San Juan bauptista, group of six Apaches being followed by group of indians from Conchos, Apache indian attack in which two men were killed, primera compania Volante kills one Apache and recaptures livestock stolen, troops that escorted Ugarte y Loyola, communication from subdelegado de cosiguariachy advising Borica that in that jurisdiction forcing indians to work in the mines would be prohibited, gets a request from governors of satevo, yoquivo, and guapdaynas that they have their own religious administration because current system of using priests of Batopilas is unsatisfactory due to distances involved, Borica responds by sending letter stating he will look into the matter when he visits these areas and also sends copies of decrees on matters relating to the treatment of indians in missions; letter concerning the matter of indians working as servants in homes of hacendados without pay and prohibitions and circumstances that have led to these developments; letter discussing the points made by Lopez muato on mission and civil authority over indians in missions, what permission indians need in order to leave the pueblos, what kinds of punishments are to be applied to indians who miss mass purposely, policy on alcoholism and delinquency mentioned during religious service, regulations on travel restrictions on indians; travel diary from 2-27-1791 thru 3-13-1791; indian called tomas his history of escape and recapture, last instance of capture was at hands of indians of piedras bolas; travel diary from 3-14-1791 thru 3-28-1791, apprehension of prisoners banda, palacios, Castaneda, gertrudi. Case against them was not proven and key witnesses roman and Acosta did not arrive for judicial proceeding, robberies committed by Juan Joseph conde; punishment of vizcarra for being lazy; meets with rouset de Jesus discussed indian complaints from missions, refers to recommendations made, Tapia requesting indian escorts and his disatisfaction with service provided, ochoa, Jose manuel takes statements from tecoricy and tonachic after their apprehension, visit to pueblo of satebo discontinues practice of cura using weekly workers, semneros in mission without pay; named teniente general for satevo, joya, and baponoyaba; in the latter, wives of prisoners seeking their release and it becomes apparent that without their husbands they have no way of surviving except for charity of the people in their pueblos; meets with anna maria, widow of indian Miguel Mariano, who seeks return of livestock confiscated from husband at time of arrest, he died in jail with daughter. (O. Velez, March 1989)
Borica, Diego de (Teniente Coronel)
Trujillo, Reyes (Sargento)
Ojos Colorados (Indio)
Santa Maria, Diego
Ochoa, (Teniente)
Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo (Mariscal)
Medina, Joseph Ignacio
Lopez Muato, Antonio (Fray)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de
Palacios, Jose Maria
Simental, Juaquin
Castaneda, Melchor
Gerudio, Jose
Ramon, Joseph
Acosta, Felipe
Conde, Juan Joseph
Tizonaro, Rafael Perfecto del
Saaenz, Joseph
Vizcarra, Estevan (Indio)
Rouset de Jesus, Fransisco (Vice Presidente de las Misiones Guadalupanes)
Cruz, Manuel de la (Teniente General)
Tapia, Narciso (Teniente Retirado)
Ochoa, Manuel de la (Teniente)
Tonachic, Tomas de (Indio)
Basilio, Joseph Fransisco
Chaparro, Antonio
Mateo, Julian Juanico
Lorenzo y Cristobal
Banda, Alexo
Manta Prieta
San Juan Bauptista
Santa Cruz
Satevo (Pueblo)
Yosquivo (Pueblo)
Guapalaynas (Pueblo)
Batopilas (Real)
Sonora (Governacion)
San Bartolome (Valle)
San Gregario (Hacienda)
Guadalupe (Pueblo)
Concepcion (Pueblo)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Nuevo Vizcaya, Primera Compania Volante
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 162 ff. 148-164 (Approx) exp. 6
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 162 ff. 148-164 (Appro
Folios unnumbered; first in this series begins with the phrase found above in title
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