expediente sobre providencias para contener la infedilidad de los taraumaras y gente foragida que hostilizan en la Nueva Vizcaya.

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expediente sobre providencias para contener la infedilidad de los taraumaras y gente foragida que hostilizan en la Nueva Vizcaya.
Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo
Chihuahua, Arispe, Mexico. October 3, 1787 - January 15, 1788. 32pp. Approximate. Letters. Originals. Of ? Which has prompted a visit from commandante general and the stationing of the quarta compania Volante; attack executed by more than 100 Apaches, aforementioned company not able to provide defense because horse conditions, transfer of troops between uranga and ybarra unsatisfactory for defense purposes and fears continued attacks, fears the decision of a junta general de los gilenos on this matter; because a lack of troop strength a depopulation of area is called for; indian attack on pueblo of concepcion in jurisdiction of baponoyaba 2 persons killed and horses stolen; decision of sindico procurador general that villa san Phelipe needs to increase troop strength to protect against indians; request made for personal appearance and assessment of commandante general in villa of san Phelipe; commandante general response to request being that as long as Sonora has cabecillas of chigouste, asquegoca, and asquesiya his transferring to Nueva Vizcaya would be ill advised; letter strongly suggesting that Ugarte y Loyola should go to Nueva Vizcaya immediately and in fact refuting Ugartes assessment of Sonora; Ugarte responds he will go out to Nueva Vizcaya once expeditions under command of vengara and Echeagaray approves of idea of selecting 100 men to visit provincia in question in order to contain in taraumara indias and gentes de casta inefectas, cuya fidelidad nos es sospecha, Ugarte plans to take with him 70 opata indians from bacuachi and bapispe. (O. Velez, April 1989)
Galbez, Conde de
Verea, Pedro Rames de
Gutierrez, Juan (Ayudante Inspector)
Uranga, Salbador (Capitan)
Ybarra, Juan Antonio de (Administrador de Hacienda)
Rio, Alejandro
Talabera, Antonio
Hernandez, Alejo
Velarde, Pedro Antonio
Martinez, Andres Manual
Sandoval, Pedro
Veigara, Domingo (Alferes)
Ugarte y Loyola, Jacobo (Conde General)
Echeagaray, Manuel (Capitan)
Rengel, Joseph Antonio (Former Conde General)
Elquezeval, Juan Bautista (Capitan)
Borica, Diego de (Teniente Coronel) (Ayudante Inspector)
Florez, Manuel Antonio
Maestre, Pablo
San Buena Ventura
Chihuahua (Ayuntamiento)
Nombre de Dios (Mision)
San Geronimo (Villa)
Concepcion (Pueblo)
Chubica (Pueblo)
San Phelipe (Villa)
Chihuagua (Villa)
Nueva Vizcaya
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
San Geronimo, Quarta Compania Volante
Cataluna, Compania Voluntaria de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 162 ff. 221-237 (Approx) exp. 7
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 162 ff. 221-237 (Appro
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