Series of receipts from religious and military stating what they received from the gobernador Theran.

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Series of receipts from religious and military stating what they received from the gobernador Theran.
Massaret, Damian (Fray)
Martinez, Francisco (Capitan)
Salina Varona, Gregorio (Capitan)
and others
Coahuila. August 18, 1691-March 23, 1692. 26p. Letters, informes, receipts. Signed.
Massanet receives several horses from gobernador. Letter from Massanet to gobernador Theran requesting soldiers to protect the mission and to punish the Indians. Fernandez Centra states the impossibility of traveling the River because it's to narrow. This information is confirmed by other capitanes and sent to Theran. Letter from Massanet to gobernador Theran explaining that the Guatsas Indians are stealing cattle and that the Texas Indians are their accomplices. Masanet requests these two groups be punished. Relacion of the soldiers left in the Provincia de los Texas. The relacion contains the names of the eight soldiers. Auto from gobernador Theran dictating sentence to Salazar for desertion. He is to be sent to San Juan de Ulua to work with out salary for two years. Several military receipts are included for weapons and powder. (D. Bautista, July 1990)
Theran de los Rios, Domingo (Gobernador)
Garcia de Quintanilla, Juan
Salinas de Varona, Gregorio (Capitan)
Martinez, Francisco (Capitan)
Marques, Diego
Ramirez Santillan, Joseph
Trevino, Gaspar
Luna, Antonio de
Goycochea, Martin de
Trevino, Juan de
Salasar, Andres de
Castro, Pedro
Rios, Blas de los
Ximenes, Francisco
Martin, Sebastian
Perez, Bentura
Agustin, Juan
Fernandez, Juan
Ramos, Pedro
Lara, Pedro de
Toro, Juan del
Balverde, Juan de
Martinez, Nicolas
Cruz, Francisco de la
Arsola, Diego de
Reyes, Marcos de los
Rodriguez, Antonio (Sargento)
Dominguez, Jacinto
Rodelo, Nicolas
Ronda, Miguel de la
Almasan, Francisco de
Urutia, Joseph de
Bruno, Alexandro (Alferez)
Jesus Maria, Francisco de (Fray)
Hidalgo, Francisco (Fray)
Concepcion, Alonso de la (Fray)
Bordoy, Antonio Joseph (Fray)
Miranda, Antonio (Fray)
Estellen, Miguel (Fray)
Saldana, Joseph de (Fray)
Garaycochea, Juan (Fray)
Galvez, Conde de (Virrey)
Leon, Alonso de (Capitan)
Pez, Andres de (Capitan)
San Francisco de los Texas (Presidio)
Filipinas (Islas)
Santa Margarita de Buenavista
Santander (Montana)
Trinidad (Rio)
Santa Cruz de Queretaro (Colegio)
Espiritu Santo (Bahia)
San Juan de Ulua
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Barlovento, Armada
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 182 ff. 496-519
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 182 ff. 496-519
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