provinsias de occidente separacion del deuditor de la comandancia general de occidente y sueldo que deve disfutar interin se concluye su causa

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provinsias de occidente separacion del deuditor de la comandancia general de occidente y sueldo que deve disfutar interin se concluye su causa
Varea, Estevan
Herrera y Molina, Mariano de
Pinilla, Angel
and others
Durango. December 3, 1814-February 11, 1817. 82p. expedientes. Copies. Originals. Signed.
Cedula received for removal of Herrera from post as auditor, Pinilla named as replacement (ff. 1-7); copy of cedula, giving reason for removal as Herrera's embezzlement of funds by overpaying salary (ff. 8); Herrera complains others guilty of crime and sentence of removal from office and garnishing of property unjust, asks to be left with half salary to pay for food (ff. 8); response that Herrera most guilty of crimes, all requests denied except for salary of 25 pesos/month for food (ff. 8-10); very long winded statement by Herrera complaining of injustice, lack of legal reason for castigation cited, complaint of insufficiency of 25 peso salary, request for reinstatement of half salary until case finished (ff. 10-15); king agrees to half salary request (ff. 16); fiscal urges continuance of case, no wages, Bonavia forwards king's decree granting half salary (ff. 17); Herrera notes cedula called for removal from employment, not salary, Bonavia responds half salary only for food, not Actual salary (ff. 17); licenciado Ramos supports Herreras claim to salary using legal logic (ff. 18-21); Bonavia again agrees to half salary (ff. 22); notice of law that military personnel receive third salary while imprisoned by enemy, or while Cases pending (ff. 26); request for clarification of Herrera's status, desire to give third salary by Bonavia (ff. 28-29); more longwinded defense by Herrera, request for salary (ff. 30-37); Herrera removed finally and completely from job, still receives third pay (ff. 38-42). (p. Coyle March 1990)
Bonavia, Bernardo
Herrera, Juan Mariano de
Pinilla, Angel
Septimo, Fernando
Quarto, Carlos
Gonzalez de Cosio, Vizente Simon
Velasco, Francisco
Cuentas, Rafael
Hernandez de Alva, Juan Nepomuceno
Souza, Juan Jose
Mendiola, Mariano
Ruis, Jose Domingo
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 189 ff. 001-042 (Approx)
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 189 ff. 001-042 (Appro
Begins el senor comandante general Juan Bernardo Bonavia dice que en cumplimiento de una real cedula...; Volume index #1; copy of cedula starts foliation #1 at ff. 6 (Approx); ff. 6-22 (Approx) Copies of documents relating to herrera case; some ff. Microfilmed twice
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