Civil case- widow trying to collect on estates of 2 dead husbands

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Civil case- widow trying to collect on estates of 2 dead husbands
San Bartolome. November 1649 thru September 1656 orig. Sgnd.
This very long Series of documents deals with, first, debts incurred by capt. Ronquillo to Alonso Moralez Garcia and then Bartolome Garcia. Then Ronquillo Dies in fall of 1654, and the rest of the documents primarily concern Isabel Benitez zuida establishing the case that Ronquilla was her Husband, and she thus is entitled to a certain sum of goods of the estate - because she was first married to Simon Cordero and it appears had owned many articles and goods from his estate when he died and left her a widow. These things she brought to the Ronquilla estate when she married him and wants back now. Persons- captain Pedro Ronquillo de Amaya of San Bartolome; Alonso Moralez Garcia y Toribio, Parral; Bartolome Garcia, citizen and merchant of Parral; Isabel Benitez zuida?; alfarez Simon Cordero; captain Diego de Aquileta y Peralta, Alcalde mayor, and capitan de Guerrera, of Pueblo of Valle de San Bartolome. (Roger Davis) (1975)
Ronquillo de Amaya, Pedro (Captain)
Moralez Garcia y Toribio, Alonso
Garcia, Bartolome (Citizen) (Merchant)
Benitez , Isabel
Cordero, Simon (Alferez)
Aquileta y Peralta, Diego de (Alcalde Mayor) (Capitan de Guerrera)
San Bartolome
First Location
AZU Film 0318 rl. 1649c fr. 1274-1373.
Original Location
AP, Parral, Mf. rl. 1649c fr. 1274-1373
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