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The Idea of Fertilization in the Culture of the Pueblo Indians 1916
Roses and how to grow them in the Salt River Valley, Arizona. 1916
The Salt River Valley and Maricopa County, Arizona. 1916
Cattle, sheep, goats, hogs and poultry raised profitably here. 1916
Phoenix Alfalfa Mills Brochure 1916
The Arizona strip : report of reconnoissance of the county north of the Grand Canyon 1915
The utilization of groundwaters by pumping for irrigation 1915
1915 history of irrigation on the Gila River 1915
Arizona's yesterday 1915
Control of the citrus thrips in California and Arizona 1915
Cochise County, Arizona 1915
Greater Arizona State Fair news section 1915
Facts concerning the Gila Valley, the farmers' paradise. Graham County, Arizona. 1915
Baby Welfare 1915
Facts figures, and pictures about the city of Yuma: and the 150,000 acres of valley and mesa land along the Colorado River which is being... 1915
The Arizona Strip: Report of Reconnaissance of the country north of the Grand Canyon 1915
Public and State Lands of Arizona 1914
Colorado River. The American Nile 1914
Facts concerning state and territorial taxes 1914
The practical application of the Kent grazing bill to western and southwestern grazing ranges 1914
Plot of the Tubac townsite, Santa Cruz County, Arizona 1914
Bibliography of Arizona: being the record of literature collected by Joseph Amasa Munk, M.D., and donated by him to the Southwest Museum of... 1914
Students' and teachers' manual of agriculture for Arizona. 1914
Report of the State land commission of Arizona to the governor of the state, June 6, 1912, to December 1, 1914 1914
Special Report of the State Fair Commission State of Arizona 1913, 1916