About this collection


We would like to thank Cornell University Mann Library, especially:

  • Joy Paulson, Principal investigator of the grant, Preservation Librarian, Cornell University Mann Library.
  • Frances Webb, Programmer, Cornell University Mann Library.

We would like to thank the following individuals for lending us related materials:

Digitization Quality / Preservation

  • Scanning Resolution: 600 ppi/B&W (text), 400 ppi/8-bit/grayscale (grayscale images/charts), 400ppi/24-bit/RGB (color images)
  • Scanning Scale: 100%
  • Delivery File Format: PDF 1.5 compatible (compressed)
  • Preservation File Format: TIFF 6.0
  • Quality Control: 100% of images have been performed quality control to ensure file readability, file quality and file naming.

Project Period

July 2006- July 2008

Project Development Team

  • Jim Martin, Principle investigator, Associate Librarian
  • Yan Han, Co-Principle Investigator, Associate Librarian
  • Doug Jones, Project Adviser, Full Librarian
  • Xing Qu, Graduate Assistant Software Developer
  • Eugene Liptak, Project Coordinator
  • Charlotte Cushman, Project Coordinator
  • Nick Jury, Digital Library Manager
  • Patrick Barabe, Application System Analyst, Senior
  • Many students who provided quality control for digitized images