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Children's health camps 1934
Soil erosion in relation to vegetation on certain soil-type areas in Arizona and New Mexico 1934
The biological resources of the cliff dwellers 1934
Railroad transportation through Prescott. 1934
If you wan'ta ride herd on the Arizona market: you'll hafta lissen to Arizona Al 1934
The Garden of Allah: Southern Arizona California 1934, 1936
Southern Pacific Company.List of resorts and guest ranches, resort hotels & ranch schools along the Southern Pacific Lines in southern... 1934-1941
Spillway for Stewart Mountain Dam 1935
Gross income tax: a new tax plan for Arizona to cure the present tax ills and to lower government cost. No income-no taxes. 1935
The ethnobiology of the Papago Indians 1935
The early history of the Clifton-Morenci district 1935
The All-Arizona state plan for water and soil conservation 1935
Prehistoric and historic Gila County, Arizona. 1935
Arizona 4-H Club Song Book 1935
Profitable landlord farming in the Southwest 1935
Value of Poultry Work in Arizona 1935
Arizona Tax Problems 1935
Uncultivated native plants used as sources of food. Ethnobiological studies in the American Southwest 1935
A financial survey of Gila county 1935
Arizona place names 1935
The Jokake School: A Desert School for girls: Day and resident 1936
Report of the feasibility of Gila Valley Project, Arizona. 1936
A study of the preferential rights in the use of water and their relation to agriculture and of authority for enforcement 1936
The ethnobiology of the Chircahua and Mescarlero Apache 1936
Ranching on the Arizona Strip 1936