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Person Last Namesort icon Title Date
Uribarri Felix Martinez. Sobre los danos que hacen los enemigos Apaches. 06-24-1706
Uribarri Francisco Curvo y Valdes (gobernador y capitan general). Orders, mustering rolls and records of an Apache campaign. 04-13-1705
Uribarri Francisco Cuervo y Valdes (gobernador y capitan general). Auto prohibiting barter with Indians by non-residents. 08-25-1705
Uribarri Chacon Medina Salazar, Joseph (Marques de la penuela-governor of Nueva Mexico. Auto-concerning the invasion of El Passo del norte by the... 10-03-1707
Uribarri El virrey to el gobernador de Nueba Mexico. Relative to the four aldermen (regidores) of Santa Fee. 07-07-1708
Uribarri Penuela, Marques de la to Madrid, Roque. Order, relative to the military expedition against the navajos - rules of conduct. . 12-08-1709
Uribarri Dios, Miquel de/Medina, Ramon de to Casados, Francisco loss of his mule from Dios and Medina. 10-18-1712
Uribarri Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignacio (gobernador). Order that married couples live together. 04-30-1714
Uribarri Bueno de Bohorques, Francisco Joseph. Power of attorney of soldiers for the collection of their pay. 05-16-1714
Uribarri Linares, Duque de (virrey). notification and order from the viceroy to the governor of Nueva Mexico concerning a fugitive soldier accused... 09-00-1714
Uribarri Bustamante, Juan Domingo de (gobernador y capitan general). Muster of presidio of Santa Fe before gobernador Bustamante. 06-18-1723
Uribarri Romero, Francisco Xavier. Criminal proceedings against Francisco Xavier Romero for sodomy. 06-09-1728
Uribarri Arias de Quiros, Diego (capitan - alcalde mayor). Substitution of power of attorney. 12-31-1728
Uribarri Joseph Chacon Medin Salazar y Villasenor. Sobre la venta de esclavos. 08-05-1711
Uribarri Cabildo de Santa Fe to gobernador Cuervo y Valdes. Petition to governor regarding trade with Apaches by non-residents. 06-09-1704
Uribarri Juan Paez Hurtado (teniente). Proceedings against Tomas Mendez for wounding Cristobal. 12-28-1704
Uribarri Luan, Catharina/Rosa, Catharina/Pumazho, Anguellina. Women accused of witchcraft. 05-13-1708
Uribarri Cabildo de Santa Fee to gobernador. Petition for aid to destitute inhabitants of the villa. 00-00-0000
Uribarri Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignacio (gobernador). Auto to alcaldes mayores concerning a new regulation on the disposition of stray animals. 04-20-1714
Uribarri Juan de Uribarri (general-sargento mayor del reino y alcalde ordinario) to gobernador Cuervo y Valdes. Proceedings against Juan Gallegos in... 11-19-1705
Uribarri Lopez, Luis to Martin, Maria. Suit: Martin vs. Lopez: Martin accuses Lopez of attempting to kill her son. 05-30-1710
Uribarri Mascarena, Francisco. Fragment in tax proceedings of soldier Francisco Mascarena. 04-09-1737
Uribarri Juan de Uribarri (capitan) to Pedro Rodriguez Cubero (gobernador y capitan general). Letter from capitan Uribarri to gobernador regarding... 12-00-1701
Uribarri Mascarenas, Francisco. Proceedings in suit against Francisco Mascarenas by Joseph de Reano in behalf of minor Juan Mascarenas. 01-17-1717
Uribarri Cuerbo y Valdez, Fransisco. Council of war. 05-18-1707
Uribarri Cruzat y Gongora, Gervasio (gobernador). Bando announcing expedition to salt lakes from Galisteo. 08-18-1732
Uribarri Penuela, Marques de la (gobernador) to los oficiales de Santa Fee, Santa Cruz, San Philipe de Alburquerque.. Mandamiento 03-16-1710
Uribarri Francisco Cuervo y Valdes (gobernador y capitan general). Order sending capitan Francisco de Valdes sorribas with reinforcements to troops... 04-00-1706
Uribarri Erection of new villa to centralize dispersed population. 06-05-1706
Uribarri Olavide y Michelana, Henrique to alcaldes mayores. Proclamation requiring Spaniards and Indians to be militarily prepared to defend reign. 03-30-1737
Uribarri Cruzat y Gongora, Gervasio (gobernador) to alcaldes mayores. Bando prohibiting sale of Apache captives to pueblo Indians. 12-06-1732
Uribarri Thenorio, Caietano. Proceedings against four soldiers of Santa Fe presidio for wounding Juan de Santistevan. 09-07-1732
Uribarri Cruzat y Gongora, Gervasio (gobernador). Bando against idleness and vagrancy. 03-16-1732
Uribarri Cruzat y Gongora, Gervasio (coronel - gobernador y capitan general). Bando against concubinage and gambling. 03-16-1732
Uribarri Garzia Jurado, Ramon. Criminal proceedings against Ramon Garzia Jurado for forced labor of Indians. 09-00-1731
Uribarri Duran y Chaves, Fernando de to Gonzales, Juan. Suit: proceeding in suit against Chaves for assault on Gonzales. 01-20-1712
Uribarri Paez Hurtado, Juan. Proceedings and testimony on behalf of Hurtado. 04-04-1710
Uribarri Cabildo de Santa Fee to Penuela, Marques de la. Complaint against Fransisco Cuerbo y Valdes. 04-07-1710
Uribarri Cabildo de Santa Fee to gobernador de Santa Fee. Writs, declarations, testimony pertaining to the suit against Fransisco Cuerbo y Valdes. 10-29-1710
Uribarri Gobernador. Order that the maestre de campo assemble a military group to go in search of plundering navajos. 02-21-1709
Uribarri Juan de Urbiarri (capitan). Interrogation of Indians of Acoma, Zuni and la Laguna as to alleged unrest. 02-28-1701
Uribarri Petition to keep Cuerbo y Valdes as gobernador of New Mexico by Indian nations. 01-06-1707
Uribarri Olavide y Michelana, Henrique. Sentencing and fining of five men for playing dice. 01-21-1737
Uribarri Garsia noriega, Juan Estevan to Cruzat y Gongora (gobernador). Criminal proceedings against Estevan Rodrigues for abduction of Antonia... 08-02-1734
Uribarri Analla, Juan de. Proceedings in suit of Juana de Anaya vs. Francisco Gonzales. 07-14-1733
Uribarri Cruzat y Gongora, Gervasio (gobernador) to alcades mayores. notice regarding escort for those intending to leave New Mexico. 10-12-1732
Uribarri . Criminal case against indios of pueblo de Santa Ana for witchcraft. 01-03-1732
Uribarri Yuba, Antonio/Povia, Asencio. Criminal proceedings against Antonio Yuba and Ascencio Povia for homosexual activity. 06-25-1731
Uribarri Flores Mogollon, Juan Ignazio. Order requiring that all captive Apaches be baptised before they are sold. 09-26-1714
Uribarri The viceroy to the presidial soldiers. Complaint and petition: failure of the governor to meet his obligation to the soldiers. 02-12-1713