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Photography of Homer L. Shantz

Title/Description Type Datesort icon Availability
Typical growth Image 1920-01-13
Tall grass Image 1920-01-13
Hotel location Image 1920-01-13
Typical grass of this location Image 1920-01-13
Hair dressing of native woman Image 1920-01-13
Tall grass Image 1920-01-13
Corn on bank of Lualaba River Image 1920-01-13
M. Correa Image 1920-01-13
House Image 1920-01-14
H.C. Raven and native woman Image 1920-01-14
Side view native woman Image 1920-01-14
Prisoners in chains Image 1920-01-14
Wild sorghum grass Image 1920-01-14
Herb 11 ft. tall Image 1920-01-14
Herb 10 ft. tall Image 1920-01-14
Herb Image 1920-01-14
General view of plant Image 1920-01-14
Louis Cousin boat Image 1920-01-14
Tall grass along path Image 1920-01-14
Square hut in construction Image 1920-01-14
Peculiar fungus in termite hills Image 1920-01-14
Goats Image 1920-01-14
Great grass flat Image 1920-01-14
Grass flat Image 1920-01-14
Hill with Baikaya Image 1920-01-14
Grassland Image 1920-01-14
Grass hedge along railroad Image 1920-01-14
Grass Image 1920-01-16
Grasses & Paspalum Image 1920-01-16
Piles of fiber Image 1920-01-16
Construction of house, mutato fiber Image 1920-01-16
Grass flat Image 1920-01-16
Grass flat Image 1920-01-16
Grass flat Image 1920-01-16
Brush Image 1920-01-16
Bukama from boat Image 1920-01-17
Small village Image 1920-01-17
Tall acacia Image 1920-01-17
Palm and Kigelia on shore Image 1920-01-17
On the Lualaba River Image 1920-01-17
Grassland near bank Image 1920-01-17
Down river Image 1920-01-17
River bank Image 1920-01-17
River bank - oil palms Image 1920-01-17
Palms on river bank Image 1920-01-17
Oil palms on river Image 1920-01-17
Oil palms Image 1920-01-17
Grassland Image 1920-01-17
Great palm grove Image 1920-01-17
Bank of river Image 1920-01-17
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