Letters from Lacomba to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting the tercera compania Volante.

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Letters from Lacomba to Ugalde; concerning a variety of matters affecting the tercera compania Volante.
Lacomba, Claudio
Perez, Jose Manuel
Laredo. February 2, 1789 - June 14, 1789. 78p. Letters. Originals/copies.
Series of letters concerning matters affecting tercera compania current state of affairs reports, acquisition of horses and mules, credit extended to the company by the gobernador of the area for 1788 and 1789, unpreparedness of his troops for an upcoming campaign, an incomplete letter from Perez speaking to need of some basic church artifacts for services, request to discharge Puga for over extending his leave, the wait he should expect for supplies needed for a campaign, recommends that certain Indian be put in charge of constructing homes due to expertise in masonry, Indian attack on hacienda resulted in animals killed and stolen asks permission to place soldier there for defense and capture, discharge of Ximenes and replacement with Ramos, alerts Ugalde that Ximenes has not been heard from since task of transporting horses, clarification on tabulations of salaries for report to be filed, troops preparedness for a campaign, receipt of 40 Shields, request and receipt of three discharge notices for; Borrego, Sanchez, and Inojosa, policy concerning widows and orphans as they relate to pensions, policy concerning; salaries and promotions, military relations, and job details, informing troops of the death of Carlos III, preparations made for upcoming campaign, Indian weakness and absenteeism at work and plans to ameliorate this condition, money sent to Ugalde, retroactive pay raise, actions taken on Ximenes, ineptness of Galvan and permision to alter methods relating to economic matters that he does not want Galvan to handle while he is away from company, and money requested from San Carlos in order to complete preparations for campaign. (O. Velez, October 1988)
Lacomba, Claudio (Capitan)
Ugalde, Juan de (Comandante)
Terna, Jose Antonio de (Teniente)
Garparo de Noriega
Perez, Jose Manuel
Puga, Antonio Fabian de (Teniente)
Puga, Jose Maria de
Ximees, Joaquin (Soldado)
Ramos, Nicolas
Inojosa, Pedro (Soldado)
Sanchez, Jose Maria (Soldado)
Borrego, Rafael (Armero)
Vidal, Melchor (Gobernador)
Santa Rosa
San Carlos
Bugluo (Colonia)
Dolores (Hacienda)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Nuevo Santander, la Tercera Compania Volante de la Colonia del
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 053 ff. 435-474 exp. 5
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 053 ff. 435-474 exp. 5
Appears in indice del ramo as exp. 1.
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