el governador del Nuevo Reyno de Leon, representa sre. hostilidades...

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el governador del Nuevo Reyno de Leon, representa sre. hostilidades acaecidas en el vallecillo, pidiendo el aumento de las dos campanias que se reformaron, acomapanando copia del oficio que contesta al comte. gral. de oriente, con la repuesta que se le da en el asunto.
Vaamonde, Manuel (Governador, Comandante de las Armas)
Virrey Conde de Revilla Gigedo
Monterrey/Mexico/Santa Rosa (valle). January 13, 1791 - August 27, 1791. 46p. Approximate letters. Copies, originals. Contingent of soldiers to conde de Revilla gigedo, preparing for a visit from conde de Revilla gigedo; nava informs of peace or better said armistice reached with lipanes vaamonde relays this info to conde and requests further instructions; detailed explanation of the peace convention reached between lipanes and Spanish with articles posed by the Spanish and indian responses to them. Articles touch on subjects of captives, geographic demarcation of settlement, land, lipane responsibility for making sure that all in their population are within the reduccion, alliance with Spanish, judicial jurisdiction, Castro orders contingent of men and details quantity of munitions and supplies to bring to go to Rio Grande area in order to battle indians; copy of letter that first appeared in file 162ah, i between ff.448-454 describing attack on Castro by escaping lipanes; further information on contingent of men requested by Castro; vaamonde writes to conde de Revilla gigedo presenting a case for the reinstitution of the two companies that were disbanded by ugalde in nuebo reyno de leon; vaamonde writing on the state of affairs with regards to military situation in nuevo leon, makes mention of failed efforts of his predecessor ugalde to reach a durable accord with Apaches, inability of military to properly defend the area, request for weapons. (O. Velez, September 1989)
Vaamonde, Manuel (Governador)
Revilla Gigedo, Conde de (Virrey)
Ramon Ignacio, Juan (Teniente)
Jose Antonio (Capitan) (Lipane)
Malabe (Indio)
Calvo (Indio)
Santeanez, Vicente Valazo (Indio)
Ayatinde (Indio)
Gutierrez, Joaquin (Sargento)
Gutierrez de la Cueva, Juan (Ayudante Inspector)
Martinez Pacheco, Leandro (Teniente)
Castro, Ramon de (Comandante General)
Gervacio Silva, Jose (Sargento)
Ugalde, Juan (Comandante General)
Lampazos, Punta de (Presidio)
Alamo (Hacienda)
Santa Rosa (Valle)
San Fernando
Vallecillo (Real)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Aguaberde, Compania de
First Location
AZTM, AGN, Vol. 162 ff. 509-532 (Approx) exp. 13
Original Location
AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 162 ff. 509-532 (Appro
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