Letters concerning the situation of the presidio of San Antonio de Balero.

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Letters concerning the situation of the presidio of San Antonio de Balero.
Hidalgo, Francisco (Fray)
San Joseph y Baena, Ignacio de (Fray)
San Miguel de Aguayo, Marques de
and others
San Antonio de Balero, Mexico. January 14, 1724, February 26, 1725. 62 p. Informes. Signed.
Soldiers from presidio of San Antonio de Balero report about an Indian raid whereby most of the horses of the company were stolen. They were unable to stop the attack because the presidio has not enough weapons and trained soldiers. Therefore they ask the viceroy to send soldiers, equipment and horses to reinforce that military position. On the other hand, fray Hidalgo accuses the intransigent attitude of Flores (commander of the presidio) for the increase in violence. He refuses to give back to the Apaches the women and children that have been captured, even though they have sent representatives to negotiate. This situation in turn is spoiling the pacification efforts of the priests. Other letters propose to move the presidio closer to mission or to a near peninsula where there are better possibilities for agriculture. In a letter analyzing all these evidences, the marques of San Miguel de Aguayo advises the authorities to choose the latter alternative. His letter also includes an interesting discussion about the justos titulos to initiate the military conquest of the Apaches (i.e., just war, folios 46-49), followed by a plan for effecting this conquest. (A. Nielsen, November 1989)
Gutierrez, Nicolas (Alferez)
Carbajal, Christobal de (Sargento)
Gonzalez, Joseph (Fray)
Hidalgo, Francisco (Fray)
Flores, Nicolas
Espinosa, Isidro Felis (Fray)
Perez, Fernando
Baena, Ignacio de (Fray)
Ramon, Diego (Teniente)
Perez de Almazan, Fernando (Gobernador)
Perez, Matheo
Ferrer, Juan Nicolas (Soldado)
Erize, Ignacio (Fray)
Bustillos, Juan de (Capitan)
Sevillano, Miguel (Fray)
Pita, Joseph (Fray)
Villasur, Pedro de
Minguez, Juan (Fray)
San Miguel de Aguayo, Marques de
Balero, San Antonio de (Presidio)
Saltillo (Villa)
Coaguila (Presidio)
Queretaro, Santiago de (Ciudad)
Santisima Cruz (Colegio)
Texas (Provincia)
Los Adais (Presidio)
Nuevo Reyno de Leon
Ranchitos (Presidio)
Candachos (Presidio)
Jicarilla, Valle de la
Santa Fe (Villa)
Nuevo Mexico
Rio Grande (Presidio)
Ethnic Groups
Military Groups
Balero, Compania del Presidio de San Antonio de
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AZTM, AGN, Vol. 183 ff. 020-050
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AGN, Mexico City, Provincias Internas Vol. 183 ff. 020-050
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