Gobernador Fernando Perez de Almazan al virrey. Letter concerning conditions in provincia de Texas.

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Gobernador Fernando Perez de Almazan al virrey. Letter concerning conditions in provincia de Texas.
Perez de Almazan, Fernando (Gobernador)
San Antonio de Valero. October 24, 1724. Letter. Copy.
Responding to charges of fray Gonzalez of widespread corruption, inefficiency in Texas presidios, including use of untrained boys as soldiers, use of soldiers as laborers in personal haciendas of presidial captains, exorbitantly high prices of goods sold to presidial soldiers, lack of support for missionary Apache reduccion program, etc., Almazan informs virrey some scandals exist but he's trying to correct them. Concerning Apache reduccion, both he and fray Gonzalez advocate formation of company of 60-70 soldiers taken from Bahia del Espiritu Santo, San Antonio, Coahuila, Rio Grande del Norte presidios, who would first try to continue peace negotiations by carrying gifts to Apaches. Adaes presidial company too occupied in affairs along French frontier to participate. Does not feel San Antonio presidio should be moved next to mission, because both soldiers, Indians need room for their cattle, fields and conflicts would result if they were next to each other. Notes difficulty in communicating with Adaes presidio because of rivers in flood. Good document for presidial information. (T. Sheridan) (1977)
Gonzalez, Joseph (Fray) (OFM)
Perez de Almazan, Fernando (Gobernador de Texas)
Flores, Nicolas (Capitan de San Antonio Presidio)
Sabinas (Rio)
San Antonio de Valero (Presidio)
Adaes (Presidio)
Espiritu Santo (Presidio)
Coahuila (Presidio)
Rio Grande del Norte (Presidio)
Colorado (Rio)
Texas (Provincia)
Espiritu Santo (Bahia)
Ethnic Groups
First Location
TXU, Tex. Hist. Ctr. Arch. S. Fran. El grande 2q248 835 v. 010 pp. 137-144
Original Location
BNM, Mexico, Arch. S. Fran. El Grande
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