November 15-20, 1919

Homer Shantz Travel Notes, November 15-20, 1919
Travel notes pages 511-524. Shantz is still in Victoria Falls. He lists a large amount of plants, vegetation, and flowers and gives descriptions and uses for the plant life. His group leaves Victoria Falls and heads toward Kafue. They pass through these areas on the way: Bowwood, Tara, and Choma. They arrive in Kafue and he also lists the five chief fruits that are ripe and most popular in this area. He goes into a very long description about termites that start coming out of the ground in great numbers while they are stationed on hotel grounds. This in turn brings out a large amount of frogs and toads that eat the termites as fast as they can. The termites are also ingested by birds and bats once they are in flight. He is amazed by this event which he says only lasts a few minutes. Photographs include images of fruit, Kafue River, ant hills, water grass on the bank of the Kafue River, landscapes, a railroad bridge that crosses the Kafue River, and numerous trees of the area.
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